Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster


Mary Shelley Percy’s 1818 novel “Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus” began the wonderful and rich Frankenstein tradition.  The 1931 James Whale film “Frankenstein”, a more loose adaptation of the novel, with Boris Karloff as “The Monster” (below, left), became the modern visual image for Dr. Frankenstein, his monster and their socioethical implications.   Perhaps the 1972 comedic/satirical version, “Young Frankenstein” by Mel Brooks, starring Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle may be the most memorable of all Frankenstein films (below, right).

It is the basic storyline of the book and films that makes them relevant for social commentary of our current times:  that is, in an experiment of radical social engineering, a madman creates a living being from a dead corpse and body parts.  The experiment is successful in that the new living being can talk, walk, think and feel.  But things go terribly wrong when the “monster” escapes from his creator and unleashes a reign of terror, mayhem and ultimately murder before being destroyed.

Moral of the story?  We (as individuals and as a society) can create goodness and we can also create evil — it is simply a mirror of our values and priorities.  While it’s hard to imagine creating too much goodness; creating or perpetuating even the smallest amount of evil can have devastating effects.  Because once that evil breaks out of its cage and escapes into society at large, it becomes very hard to control and destroy.

I make this horror story reference because I see, in our beloved United States today, that a monster has been created, it has broken free from all of its constraints and it is rampaging through the very fabric of American society.  It must be identified, it must be stopped and it must happen swiftly in order to avoid permanent and irreversible damage.

In our contemporary horror story, the character of Dr. Frankenstein is being played by the Republican Party.  They have methodically and deliberately created a whole generation of monsters.  It began in 1992 after Bill Clinton ended the Reagan-Bush presidential dynasty (1980-1992).  The Republicans decided on an aggressive, no-holds-barred strategy to win back the White House, Congress, governorships and state legislatures.  To their credit, the strategy has worked.  Unfortunately for the country, they did it by doubling down on fear mongering, racial and gender divisions, anti-immigrant sentiments and voter suppression.  These tactics were like blood in the water for the Religious Right, the NRA and even White Supremacists.  The devout belief in God, devout gun ownership and devout belief in a pure, White race are largely fear-based ideologies.  And the Republican party is damn good at spreading fear.  In order to sell the fear, it was imperative to stifle or discredit intellectualism, science and facts.  Many Republicans now seem to believe such ideas are practically un-American.

Since then, the Republican party has taken a hard right turn.  They treated Barack Obama like the anti-Christ and didn’t just refuse to work with him but obstructed legislation (like health care, jobs bills, infrastructure, consumer protection and immigration reform) from which their constituents did and would have benefited.  They put party over country time and time again.   In my recent post,  Dear Trump Voters, I used as an example an ABC/Washington Post poll comparing the support for Obama and Trump in using missile strikes to punish Syria.  When Obama considered it, Democrat support was at 38% and Republican was 22%.  When Trump did it, Democrat support was 37% and Republican was 86%!!  The party membership of the President had virtually no effect on Democrats, but to 66% of Republicans it made all the difference.

The Republican backlash to the Obama’s presidency gave rise to the Tea Party — an almost entirely white, mostly older sect of hard core Republican voters.  They covered their white and Christian privilege agenda by wrapping themselves in the flag and protesting that Government was too big,  too expensive and generally bad at everything.  Meanwhile, over half of them were probably enjoying Social Security, Medicare and/or Veteran’s Benefits.  Tea Party politicians came to Congress in 2010 and 2012 with an “our way or the highway” attitude and not only paralyzed the legislative process but quickly created rifts with more traditional Republicans for their uncompromising and destructive nature.

Republican state legislatures began aggressively reshaping voting districts that in two states already (NC & Texas) have been declared illegal because of blatant racial discrimination.  More states are being sued for similar tactics.  Since 2006 they have pushed voter photo ID laws in 15 states on the grounds of “preventing voter fraud”.  But the actual number of cases of in-person voting fraud is statistically near zero.  Their real purpose is to place greater burdens on people who typically do not have a Driver’s License; urban dwellers, older people, poorer people and students (demographic groups that tend to vote Democratic).  Republicans have also moved to shorten voting and registration times in their states, once again to make it harder for people to vote.  These policies are racially and socio-economically motivated.  See my previous post:  The Successful Republican Election Strategy…..Divide and Conquer! Part 2: Voter Suppression.

On a Federal level Republicans have tried to protect predatory lending practices by numerous U.S. banks and financial firms.  Who have been among the biggest victims?  African-Americans, Latino and Hispanic Americans, the elderly and students.

Republicans have pushed for tougher criminal sentencing, particularly for drug related charges.  Over all,  African Americans are incarcerated at a rate of 5 times the rate of White Americans.  For drug crimes, even though drug-use rates are relatively similar, African Americans are jailed at 6 times the rate of Whites (NAACP).

Republicans have fought against increases in the minimum wage.  They have passed, encouraged or supported policies that would reduce health care benefits to millions (mostly younger and poorer) of Americans.

Republicans have demonized legal immigrants and obstructed any attempts at comprehensive immigration policies in favor of whipping up fear and vastly over-inflating the illegal immigrant crime rate.

On other social issues Republicans have denigrated women by denying them the right to determine their own reproductive choices.  Republicans have denied tens of millions of women access to even basic pre-pregnancy and pre-natal health screenings, check-ups, medications and consultations.  And what hypocrisy from the party that is so consumed with privacy rights and fears of government intrusion, except when it involves a woman’s reproductive system.

Republicans have also obstructed a national discussion about a woman’s right to equal pay for equal work.

They fought tooth and nail and spent billions of dollars to defeat state-wide referendums on non-heterosexual marriages and rights for LBGTQ Americans.  Even though they finally lost at the Supreme Court, the Republican party continues to fight for the right to discriminate against certain groups of Americans based on sexual orientation.

And finally, to secure these votes, the Republican party has pronounced intellectualism, science and facts to be signs of either weakness or some sort of liberal conspiracy.  They  have instead fostered fear, intolerance, hatred, divisiveness, conspiracy theories, lies and misinformation because these tools are much more effective at manipulating people.

These are the “body parts” and “corpses” that the modern Dr. Frankenstein (aka The Republican Party) has used to build it’s new generation of monsters.  For their 1st generation monster, Republicans played the “dumb-it-down” card when they chose an affable, yet clumsy simpleton who could be easily manipulated. Bush funny face W Bush (left) was wholly unqualified to be President and barely able to complete sentences but by teaming him up with a neo-con puppet-master, “Dr. Evil” Dick Cheney(below), they managed to preside over the 911 attacks, started two never-ending and failed wars, and the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Cheney as Dr. Evil

After the Bush catastrophe, John McCain didn’t have a chance, especially against the dynamic newcomer, Barak Obama.  But in McCain’s desperation to “change the game” of the 2008 election, he nominated the even more recklessly stupid Sarah Palin (below with Frankentrump) who was among the first to openly promote the themes of anti-intellectualism, liberal elites and dividing the country along racial and geographic differences.

Trump and Palin as Frankenstein monsters

In 2012, Mitt Romney secured the Republican nomination, which appeared to reverse the “stupid is better” trend until he made his biggest campaign gaffe by saying “47% of the voters are dependent on the government….and feel they are entitled to health care, food, housing, you name it…47% of the people pay no income tax.”  Though Romney would probably have lost either way, these comments exposed Romney as the whiny, privileged, out-of-touch rich guy that opponents said he was.

Then came 2016.  The worst qualities of past Republican monsters found their home in a sleazy, reality TV buffoon, who was willing to say or do anything to rile people up, piss people off (both for and against him) and divide this country like no candidate in modern history.  Two decades of policies and rhetoric supporting anti-intellectualism, racism, unjust fiscal policies, distrust of the press, unfounded anti-immigrant fear, overblown Muslim fear, denigration of women, promoting LGBTQ discrimination, anti-science and anti-regulation finally produced the Republican super-monster named Donald Trump.

Trump as Frankenstein cartoon

Dr. Frankenstein’s actual monster, while terrifying, was strictly a local phenomenon.  But the modern Republican monster is now President of the United States!  There were some Republicans voices during the campaign that cautioned Trump could do irreparable damage to the party.  But those voices were quickly drowned out by the noise of Trump supporters beating up protestors, calling for the imprisonment of his political opponent, and cheering wildly for the dismantling of the free press.

Now that the monster has been President for 7+ months, more Republicans are finally speaking out against him.  Charlottesville may have been somewhat of a turning point.  Moderate Republicans were “shocked” and “upset” that Trump failed to distinguish between anti-Fascist protesters and White Supremacists and Neo-Nazi’s?  Really?  When during his campaign had he disavowed hate groups before?  Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller were his top campaign and administration advisors for fuck’s sake.  But Charlottesville crossed the line?

Republicans shouldn’t be shocked.  It is the policies that they support that created this monster and made it possible for him to become President.  Trump couldn’t win the Democratic nomination, even if he pretended to be pro-choice (like he used to be), more LBGTQ tolerant (like he might have been once upon a time), or more liberal on financial issues (which he’s never been).  No, the Republican party has spent 20 years laying the groundwork for a candidate like Trump, and now he’s uncaged, running amok and  creating terror and mayhem wherever he goes or opens his mouth.

The cruel irony of Trump is that he is terrorizing everyone, including Republicans.  He has created just as much discord among Republicans as he has the whole country.  But most Republicans are still walking on eggshells when it comes to Trump — all on the fading hopes that their precious agenda of hate, fear, more income inequality, less health care benefits, fewer civil and voting rights, more freedom for polluters and carbon emitters, more predatory power for financial institutions, more restrictions on women’s reproductive choices and a deep suspicion of anyone who isn’t “American” can be crammed down our throats under the cynical guise of “Make American Great Again”.

Please Moderate/Traditional Republicans, spare us your Op-Ed pieces about how Trump has hijacked the party.  Or that President Numb Nuts isn’t a “true” Republican.  Or that Republicans are better than this.  No, they’re not.  Where were your voices over the last 20 years?  I didn’t hear you shouting down Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Riley, Shawn Hannity, Ann Coulter or Fox News.  I didn’t hear you standing up against voter suppression laws,  illegal redistricting, the unbalanced proclivities toward incarcerating darker-skinned Americans, the debasing of women, or the irrational fear of Sharia law.  Your Tea Party was so quick to blame Obama for everything but where was the protest against the Bush Administration’s role in two failed wars and the 2008 recession?

You stood by when seven different Congressional investigations were launched to witch hunt Hillary Clinton’s supposed Bengazi crimes or her private server emails.  But no Republicans called for Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld to be investigated for lying about going to war in Iraq or for committing war crimes during the conflicts.

There’s only one thing Republicans can do if they are genuinely appalled by the words and deeds of Donald Trump.  Obstruct him at every conceivable opportunity, tie his hands, refuse to cede him any additional power….and at the same time cooperate to the fullest with all investigations currently ongoing into his Russia connections and the possible collusion with his campaign, insist upon the full release of his tax returns and the divestiture of all of his assets into blind trusts.

Republicans have loosed this monster, he is your creation.  Since your party also controls Congress it falls upon you, first and foremost, to take the lead in reigning this monster in and removing him from office so this black stain on the Presidency can end.  For the good of the country this monster should be safely strapped to the operating table and neutralized, along with all of the formulas and ingredients that went into his creation.

We can create good and we can create evil.  Which we choose to create is simply a mirror of our values and priorities.




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Please Don’t Applaud Or Encourage The Master of Distraction!



Trump has demonstrated that, as a politician, he is good at three things:

  1.  He is very good at whipping up fear and hate.
  2. He is even better at lying.  He does it so naturally because it’s pathological.
  3. He is a master of distraction.

I’ve written extensively about his first two talents (see The Successful Republican Election Strategy …..Divide And Conquer!”   Part 1 — Wedge Issues. and The American Pluto-Kleptocracy).  So, this article is about Trump’s Art of The Distraction.

Chapter 1.  Whatever I Call You,  I Am Times Infinity.

Trump gives his opponents nicknames that are a manifestation of some of his own worst qualities.  During the campaign he called Marco Rubio “Little Marco”, specifically referencing the size of Rubio’s hands – and thereby implying Rubio had a little dick.  Now that we all unfortunately know Trump better,  he sure acts like a guy trying to overcome multiple insecurities — one of which probably involves his unusually small penis.

Marco Rubio Little

Trump’s nickname for Jeb Bush was “Low Energy Jeb”.  During the campaign, Trump didn’t come across as a low energy guy.  But since becoming President, Trump has been the laziest bastard to ever inhabit the White House.   Trump doesn’t read policy papers, daily briefings or books, instead he watches Fox News.  Trump didn’t vet Circuit or Supreme Court nominees, he used the list that the Heritage Foundation handed him.  He hasn’t invested any measurable time into healthcare, a more comprehensive immigration plan, infrastructure or really even JOBS.

Trump fat

Clearly his greatest priority is his own self-interests followed by those of his family and a small fraternity of ruthless billionaires.  He really has no macro, long-term vision for a greater America; instead he tweets his morning brain farts. He has played golf 15 times in 16 weekends on the job (politifact.com) and has spent 10 weekends at his Mir a Lago Resort in Florida.  That’s a lot for a man who said, “I would rarely leave the White House because there is so much work to be done.  I would not be a President that takes time off”  (June ’15, thehill.com).  Trump is a fat lazy fuck.


Which brings me to Ted Cruz, better known as “Lyin’ Ted”, his chief primary opponent and the only man I wanted to become President less than Trump.  The fact that Cruz received the second most primary votes says as much about the state of the Republican party as nominating the Orange Buffoon.  But no one trumps Trump on telling lies.  He doesn’t lie like a normal politician, making promises that he can’t keep and selling his soul to Big Donors for $$$.  Trump lies pathologically, about EVERYTHING:  little things, like the size of his inauguration crowd to huge things, like “Obama wiretapped Trump Tower”.  His lying is so pervasive that it may well be, in the end, the very flaw that sends his Presidency crashing down.  No one is a more accomplished liar than Trump, not even Cruz.  See How To Spot A Pathological Liar

And “Crooked Hillary”.  Trump knows crooked — he’s made a career out of it.

Trump liar

From contractors he stiffed, to landowners he bullied and intimidated, to banks he defaulted on, to the Trump Foundation’s funds he illegally misused, to Trump University students he scammed.  In retrospect, Hillary’s email issue seems petty and partisan compared to Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors.  He is a criminal that has, until now, escaped prosecution.  He makes Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.  See It’s Time to Revisit the Watergate Scandal.

Finally, the “Fake News”, “Alternative Facts” mainstream media.  Trump’s attacks on the independent media have sent the chills of Fascism down millions of spines.   And true to form, no one is a bigger phony than Trump — from his lies, his conspiracy theories,  his contentions about his wealth, his hair, his whole campaign shtick of bullshit and snake oil that 60 million gullible Americans consumed as a magic elixir.  Trump has no conscience, no real policies, no substance, he was surprised how “hard” it is to be President and was shocked that issues like healthcare and tax reform were so “complicated”.  “Who knew?” he tweeted.  Everything that doesn’t directly serve or benefit Trump is either “fake” or “false” until his deluded, addled brain decides otherwise.

By using nicknames in this fashion, he deflects his own worst flaws onto someone else.  He uses simple, 4th grade level, derogatory name-calling as a distraction.  And for many Republicans voters, it was quite effective!

Chapter 2:   If You’re Going to Distract…..Distract Bigly!

Trump’s campaign chants, “Lock Her Up”, “Build The Wall”,  “America First”, “Fake News” were simple, yet whopper distractions to overcome the fact that Trump had no policies, no real practical knowledge of governance or no long term goals.

He just couldn’t let go of the fact that he lost the popular vote by roughly 3,000,000; so he invented a distraction that “3-4 million” votes were cast fraudulently in the 2016.

Trump illegal voting

He doubled down and said proof would be coming in 2 weeks.  It’s now been 2 months and not a shred of evidence has been produced; secretaries of states from all 50 states have certified their election results and found virtually zero cases of in-person voting fraud.  Not dissuaded, Trump has recently appointed an advisory panel to investigate the non-existent fraud.

After being “forced” to fire Michael Flynn and in the wake of snowballing news on the Russia/Trump controversy and Jeff Sessions recusal, Trump tried to avert the firestorm by claiming “Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower” and demanding an investigation.

Trump Flynn

And once again he claimed that supporting evidence would be “released very soon”.  Days later he even went so far as to ask the Congressional Intelligence Committees to begin an investigation into the wiretapping — without releasing one whiff of evidence to back up his claim.  That was 2 months ago.  The FBI has said they have seen no proof nor have the Congressional Committees received anything upon which to launch an investigation.  In this author’s opinion, this claim is more than a fabricated distraction; it is liable and slander of the highest order and proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Trump is mentally unfit to continue in the office of President of the United States.

In early April the heat in Trump’s hellkitchen was becoming uncomfortable.  Michael Flynn offered to testify before Congress; leaks were popping up everywhere; and the FBI was not corroborating Trump’s claims that “he wasn’t under investigation”.  At this sensitive moment, U.S. intelligence reported that Bashar Al-Assad had used chemical weapons against innocent civilians in Syria.  This gave Trump the opportunity to pull off one of his biggest distractions yet — he ordered a missile strike on the Syrian air base from which the chemical attack had originated.

To my horror, many people, even some who had been very skeptical of Trump, applauded the move and publically praised Trump.  Brian Williams, the MSNBC anchor, described the event:

Brian Williams syrian missle strike

“We see these beautiful pictures at night from the decks of these two U.S. Navy vessels in the eastern Mediterranean,” Williams said. “I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen: ‘I am guided by the beauty of our weapons.’”

“They are beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments making what is for them what is a brief flight over to this airfield,” he added.

Shame on you Brian Williams.  I thought you were better than that….

Why are people cheering this mental patient for potentially committing an act of war?  Trump really doesn’t give a damn about Syrian children caught in hell-on-Earth.  We know this because he hasn’t said “boo” about it since then, hasn’t promoted any plan to change the children’s plight, has proposed a budget that significantly reduces foreign humanitarian aid and is in neck-deep with the Russians who are propping up the thug Assad.  This was just an excuse for Trump to try out his very dangerous new toys and redirect people’s attention from his Russia scandal.  Stop cheering!  This isn’t a good thing.

Chapter 3 (and Moral To The Story):  Don’t Encourage The Master Distractor.

The absolute LAST THING we should be doing is giving Trump praise and adulation when he carelessly and without proper notification/authorization uses American military power.  I almost hesitate to print this but military strikes, military build-ups and war have traditionally been the most effective distractions for an otherwise, unpopular President.  Most recently, “W” Bush (with the help of Darth Cheney) used 9/11 to pass the Patriot Act curtailing individual freedoms and to justify torture and illegal rendition against enemy combatants in direct violation of the Geneva Convention.  And clearly the on-going Afghan and Iraq wars helped Bush win a second term.

WE CANNOT NOR SHOULD NOT APPLAUD PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR LASHING OUT MILITARILY AGAINST ANYONE AT THIS JUNCTURE OF HIS PRESIDENCY.  He is a reckless and disturbed man who has become increasingly isolated and desperate as scandals of his own making are threatening to undo everything he has accomplished.  INSTEAD, WE SHOULD REACT IN HORROR AND PROTEST WITH OUR LOUDEST VOICES AGAINST THIS MANIAC.


More recently Trump has provoked North Korea using tough talk and sending an “armada” to Australia instead of Korea.  This has done nothing but fueled talk of retaliation from North Korea, followed by an aggressive series of missile tests.

Most recently, Trump attempted another massive distraction by firing the director of the FBI and gave a series of conflicting and nonsensical reasons for doing so.  The real reason behind Director Comey’s firing is all too obvious.  Comey was leading a growing, and potentially very damaging investigation into the President and his campaign aides over their involvement in the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.  In Trump’s deluded mind he thought this would side-track or maybe end the investigation.  Instead, he may have just added ‘obstruction of justice’ to the list of crimes he has committed.

As Trump becomes more deeply mired in scandal and possible treason, his attempts at distraction could become increasingly ominous.


I would not put it past this deranged man to do something genuinely terrifying.  Trump is unfit to remain as President and he MUST BE REMOVED either by impeachment or by invoking the 25th Amendment (Sec. 4) to the Constitution.  Unfortunately, Republicans are recklessly slow-walking the Trump/Russia investigations and have yet to stand up to this spreading cancer.  For a party that ran on the slogan “America First”, it’s time they set aside their real agenda, “Party First”, and commit to the constitutional rule of law.

In the meantime, We The People must remain vigilant and encourage our Representatives to keep Trump in check over the next few weeks and months — especially our Republican Representatives, until he can be legally and permanently removed from the office of the Presidency.

Trump impeachWrite your Congressmen and Senators today.  Demand that they hold Trump accountable and allow these investigations to move forward post-haste, and if they don’t, we will not-so-kindly show them the exit door come 2018.  Leaving Trump in power one extra day might be too long.  What other acts of desperation is Trump capable of before he is removed from office?

To Contact Members of the House Of Representatives:


To Contact Members of the Senate:



“The Power Of The People Is Greater Than The People In Power”   Wael Ghonim





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Life Under A Republican Regime

  • Now that Republicans control all the major branches of government as well as a majority of statehouses, their governing priorities are becoming clear.  Here’s what we know so far:

CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESS INTERESTS TAKE PRIORITY OVER THE ENVIRONMENT AND PROTECTION OF OUR HUMAN HABITAT.  One of the very first pieces of legislation passed by the Republican Congress abolishes the Office of Surface Mining Streams Protection Rule — reversing an Obama era regulation to protect waterways from coal mining waste.  Republicans are in favor of more toxic coal ash in our streams!  Brilliant!  Profits are now more important than pollution.  Republicans are willing to sacrifice the quality of our water, air and soil in order to supposedly “create jobs” which, if it happens at all, will likely be temporary.  Corporations may see a short term increase in profits, but again, for how long?  And at what long term cost to all of us?

Coal Mining Pollution


This is a coal waste pond.  I’d like to fill the water coolers at the House of Representatives and the White House with this sludge.  Would they reverse their decision then?


MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN/MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN.  Unlimited money pouring into political campaigns and their surrogate organizations have made elections infinitely more divisive and given them a nastier and uglier tone.  This alone spells danger for American greatness.  But the U.S. has never seen an election like this last one.  The Republican candidate for President ran a campaign of open and naked contempt for people of color, women, minority religions, the poor, the disabled, our judicial system, our free press, and voices of dissent in general.  As disgusting and embarrassing as that was, he also tragically won.  Trump’s first executive order was a poorly thought out, completely unconstitutional ban on people coming to the U.S. based solely on their religious affiliation.  He has since ordered mass deportations of Latino/Hispanic immigrants, many whose only crime is being here without full documentation — even children brought here by their parents.  Trump is an admitted sexual predator who views women purely as objects for his manipulation and pleasure.  As President he has moved to block reproductive health care for American women who need it the most.  He has signed an executive order making it easier for businesses and “Christians” (my choice of word) to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.  His Attorney General, a previously avowed racist, wants to bring back the failed “law and order” tactics of the Reagan/Bush/Clinton era, such as abandoning consent decrees already in place with numerous metropolitan police forces who have a long, sordid history of abusing, intimidating and persecuting citizens, especially citizens of color.  And the Republican party has largely supported and encouraged these barbaric and primitive practices.  They have spawned a new level of hate in this country unseen since the Civil Rights victories in the 60’s and 70’s.  Hate crimes, hate speech, intolerance, discrimination, politically motivated violence are rising to the highest levels in decades.   This is life under the Republican Regime.

White Supremacists overwhelmingly endorse Republican candidates.  But never before have they endorsed a candidate so openly, so loudly and with such vigor as they have Trump.  Steve Bannon is Trump’s Chief Strategist.  Vote Republican and help enable the extreme right wing agenda.

THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF THE WEALTHIEST, MOST FORTUNATE AMERICANS VASTLY EXCEEDS THOSE OF THE REST OF US AND REPUBLICANS ARE INTENT TO SEE THOSE ADVANTAGES EXPAND.  On the political front Republicans have pushed an aggressive campaign of voter suppression targeting people who typically vote Democratic  (minorities, college students, elderly).  They have supported unlimited campaign donations and worse, dark (anonymous) contributions to Political Action Committees (PAC’s) and “527” groups (the tax code ID) enabling rich Americans to have an oversized and unequal voice in elections.  Republicans have quickly moved to roll back citizen protections against Corporate market manipulation, production of unsafe or dangerous products, predatory lending and sales practices, high-risk security trading, and capping monetary compensation for corporate malfeasance.  See my post The Successful Republican Election Strategy…..Divide and Conquer! Part 2: Voter Suppression.  for the full indictment.

The recent Trump tax code proposal spells out the Republican priorities in black and white — a “Trickle Down” tax cut where billionaires like Trump (if he actually is one) will save $10’s of millions on their taxes while the other 90% of us get a pittance.  Read my recent post,  The American Pluto-Kleptocracy  (dated 4/17) for an in-depth report.  Republican tax cuts have been the greatest driving force in creating income inequality in this country.  Mad about stagnating wages?  Pissed off that CEO’s and Financial company VIP’s make more money in a day that you make in a year?  Feel like you can’t get ahead?  Keep voting Republican and you are insuring it will get worse.

Income Inequality Cartoon

The only problem with this cartoon is that the “90%” don’t disappear, they just get angry and desperate.   That leads to civil unrest and possibly revolt.  If our path to a comfortable life is blocked or unattainable then one day, we’ll rise and overthrow the wealth hoarders.   Not a good thing if you want a stable society.


CAN’T AFFORD HEALTH CARE?  HAVE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS?  WORRIED ABOUT A LIFETIME CAP ON BENEFITS?  REPUBLICANS DON’T GIVE A SHIT.  They proved it this week by passing what could only be described as the cruelest, most draconian, and worst health care bill that the House of Representatives has ever dreamed up.  They passed this nightmare bill so quickly, most of the Republicans that voted for it NEVER READ IT AND HAVE NO CLUE what the real consequences are.  They purposely chose not to allow time for an in-depth review or to wait until the Congressional Budget Office “scored” the bill (the non-partisan CBO evaluates a projected cost and effect of each major piece of legislation).  The previous Republican failed attempt at a health care bill was “scored” by the CBO to increase deficits by $337 billion and 24 million people would lose health care by 2026.  This recent bill will, by most estimates, be WORSE.  Are these legislators human?  Do they have any compassion or empathy for people?  Didn’t Candidate Trump promise “Everybody’s going to be covered….and it’s going to be GREAT!”  Well that’s more Trump bullshit.  Fewer people will be covered, more people will go bankrupt, Americans will be sicker and it’s going to cost us all more money.   That’s not great.  That plain sucks.  How do these people get elected?

My, my, aren’t all of those states above RED states??

ANTI-SCIENCE, ANTI-INTELLECTUAL, ANTI-FACT, ANTI-EDUCATION IS THE WAY TO AMERICAN GREATNESS.  Republicans scoff at book-learning, science and intelligent people.  They call them “Elites” who are not to be trusted.  If you don’t read books, you couldn’t know that this is EXACTLY the strategy used when Fascists take over a government.  Authoritarians perceive that educated, critical-thinking people are their biggest threat.  Same with a free press.  It starts with the press being vilified and labeled as enemies of the state because they are criticizing the government.  That’s where we are now.  Only selected and sympathetic media outlets are given full access to the White House.  Republicans are slashing higher education funding in many red states.  They are proposing school voucher programs that will defund public schools in favor of private, less regulated and often for-profit schools.  They are breaking up teacher’s unions and freezing teacher’s pay.  Republicans know they will perform better if the electorate is less educated, more ideological and fearful.  They deny the very real, measurable, observable facts about Climate Change .  Trump has called Climate Change a “Chinese hoax” and threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement ratified by 197 countries in a rare moment of global unity.  Instead, he wants to ramp up production of coal and oil.  This could lead to the U.S. becoming the “Energy Pariah” of the world, not unlike N. Korea is the “Nuclear Pariah”.  Trump has filled his lower Cabinet positions with completely unqualified appointees:  Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (for which he has zero qualifications);  Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy (he had no idea what the Energy Department did); Scott Pruitt as Director of the EPA (because as OK Attorney General he literally tried to sue the EPA out of existence).  Scott, like his boss, is a Climate Change denier.  Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education — despite the fact that she had never stepped foot in a public school in her life and she and her husband donated large sums of money to the Trump campaign.  And most dangerously, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General – an evil and bigoted little elf who is a throwback to the “Stop & Frisk” days of the 80’s and who has chosen as one of his first law & order campaigns to prosecute, intimidate, harass and threaten states that allow legal recreational and medical marijuana.  What about States Rights you fucking hypocrites!  29 states currently have legal medical marijuana,  8 states have legal recreational marijuana.  These programs are heavily regulated and taxed by the State and as such become a rare win-win opportunity:  increasing tax revenues (Colorado generated $200 million in tax dollars in ’16 on $1 billion in sales) and reducing law enforcement, judicial and incarceration expenses at the same time.  Hard to see the rationale here — could it be that marijuana is legal in mostly blue states that didn’t vote for Trump?  Trump promised that he would hire the best and the brightest.  If this is the best the Republicans have, we’re all in deep shit.  And these bozos shouldn’t be governing this country.



If that is so, then nothing is more dangerous than Donald Trump and the Republican agenda.



Let’s recap, these are the principles of our new Republican Regime:

Corporations over Individuals.

Profits over Habitat.

Hate, Fear, Bigotry and Divisiveness over Unity, Compassion and Tolerance.

Wealthy Privilege and Income Inequality over Middle Class Opportunity.

Sickness and Suffering over Health and Vitality

Ignorance and Ideology over Education, Critical Thinking and Innovation.

Over 90% of Americans should be disgusted and embarrassed by these unfair, discriminatory, suppressive practices.  So why is Trump’s approval rating still around 40%?  (Historically one of the lowest ratings for a new President after 100 days, but still 30% too high!).  Wake up Republican voters — You’re Being Conned and Manipulated!

I can’t see how any of these policies keep America great.  Not a one.  In fact, the longer Republicans control our government and pursue this ideology, the more damage they will do.  Divisive, ignorant, fearful and delusional is not a path to greatness.




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The American Pluto-Kleptocracy


America’s biggest problem is not illegal immigrants, or radical Islamic terrorists.  It’s not Planned Parenthood, it’s not guns, it’s not even religion.  These are issues that powerful special interests use to divide us and pit us against one another so they can further tilt the economic and legal playing field to their advantage.

Our biggest problem?  The political structure of the United States has become (once again) a plutocracy and most recently has devolved into a kleptocracy.

A plutocracy?  A government by the wealthy (Meriam Webster).  Ploutos is Greek for “wealth”.

A kleptocracy?  A government or state in which those in power exploit natural resources or steal; rule by a thief or thieves (Dictionary.com).  Klepto is Greek for “thief”.

Most of the significant problems that exist in American society today are at least in part attributable to the Plutocracy:  income inequality; excessive money dominating our elections; voter suppression; social inequality; criminal injustice; corporate welfare over human welfare; environmental pollution; our contribution to carbon dioxide waste and climate change; lack of a comprehensive immigration plan; the suppression of women’s reproductive freedom; a ridiculously expensive and horribly inadequate health care system; reductions in essential social services; our outrageous level of military spending; and war.

We haven’t always been a plutocracy but it has happened many times before.  It could be argued that our country started out as a plutocracy — after all only white, male landowners could vote and run for office.  During the Industrial Age of the late 1800’s , the “Robber Barrons” (powerful and wealthy corporate monopolists) controlled and manipulated many essential U.S. markets and exploited cheap labor.  J.P. Morgan was so wealthy that he famously rescued the U.S. economy in the Panic of 1907 when asked by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt.

The Roaring 20’s were a time of unprecedented monetary gains for the wealthy.  They were also a time of high anti-immigrant sentiments, alcohol prohibition (that went over well!), low taxes rates (see chart below) and rampant stock speculation. It was the Great Gatsby decade — our most recent fling with a plutocracy.

And how did things end?  With the Great Depression of 1929 that brought this country to it’s knees.

The really scary part is the similarities between the ’20’s and the 00’s. (See the chart Figure 1 below. )

Middle America, wake up.  When the plutocrats start talking about cutting taxes; what they really mean is they give us a little “teaser” cut and their tax savings will be HUGE.  Significant reductions in income tax rates, creates an even bigger and wealthier plutocratic class.  The chart below (Figure 1) shows who benefited most from the 1920’s tax cuts (represented by the  column on the left).

Income Distribution 1920's70% of income growth went to the top 1%.  The bottom 90% split up 17%.

Notice too that after the Great Depression and well into the 60’s and 70’s, we were able to neutralize the plutocracy and produce income gains amongst the 90% that well out-stripped gains for the upper 1%.  Income tax rates went back up too;  in the 1950’s & 1960’s the highest income tax bracket was 80-90%.  In the 1970’s, it had dropped a little to 70%.

Then came the so-called Reagan Revolution.  The top tax rate, paid by the fattest of cats, fell from 70% in 1980 to 31% in 1992 (see chart below) after 12 years of Republicans in the White House.  The fat cats were keeping over 2 times as much income!

 It was a revolution all right, a wealth windfall for the richest and most powerful people and corporations in the country.  They called it  “Trickle down” economics.  And that’s exactly what it did, wealth gushed in for the top income earners and everyone else had to live on a “trickle”.  The Plutocrats had returned to power!

Once the economic playing field becomes tilted to the rich and powerful, it’s very hard to level it out again.  Power and money generate more laws favorable to the wealthy:  caps on interest rates are lifted; restrictions on financial institutions are dropped; corporate tax loopholes multiply; tax rates are cut; politicians are bribed with dark money; lobbyists and lawyers run amok; safety net programs are defunded;  environmental consequences are ignored in favor of profits; huge advertising and PR budgets are used to mask corporate and political crimes and lies;  CEO’s of receive huge bonuses even while crashing the economy.  Plutocrats rarely go to prison.

After Reaganomics, the next big coup for the Plutocrats came in 1999 with the passage of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act or the Financial Services Modernization Act.  It removed prohibitions on financial and insurance institutions to acquire or merge with commercial banks, investment securities firms and insurance companies.  This opened the floodgates for banks to move into higher risk security trading, investments and insurance on security transactions.

When you give plutocrats an inch they will, through their armies of lobbyists, lawyers, friendly politicians and other henchman, take a mile.  Within a few years the financial industry was playing fast and loose with a whole array of new, lucrative investment “toys” such as derivatives and hedge funds.  But it would be the sub-prime mortgage market (mortgages issued to borrowers whose credit was less than perfect or who could get a mortgage with no income documentation) that would ultimately create the next big blow to the U.S. economy.


The chart (above Fig 1.11) illustrates how subprime mortgages were a relatively minor part of the overall mortgage industry before the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (1999).  But within a few years after the Act was passed the subprime market exploded from just over $100 million dollars in 1999 to $600 million in 2005.  Many of those loans were short-term adjustable rate loans, meaning that 2-3 years after origination, the interest rates on these loans would jump as much as 2-3% instantly.  On the chart above right, we can also see that in fact, mortgage delinquencies took off by 2007.

The Great Recession of 2008 was, by far, the most dangerous, most threatening event in our country in recent memory. It cost America 8.5 million jobs and trillions of dollars in lost wealth.  The NY Times reported in 2010, that the loss in wealth was equivalent to each and every American losing $20,000.  No other problem facing the United States has had anywhere near that kind of negative effect on the entire population.  What caused the Great Recession? A de-regulated and insatiably greedy financial industry run by?….. you guess it, plutocrats.  If you haven’t read or seen The Big Short, it’s a must.

In the years following the Great Recession, laws were passed by a Democratic Congress regulating the thieves and shysters that had robbed middle America of its wealth, retirement funds, homes, stock and real estate portfolios.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established to protect the general public from the predatory practices of the financial industry.  Many economists (Thomas Friedman amongst others) warned that these laws and regulations hadn’t gone far enough and we could easily see a repeat once the economy rebounded.  None the less, the Republicans refused almost unanimously to vote for these regulations and attempted to obstruct this legislation at every turn.  After financial companies took us to the brink of another Great Depression, Republicans staunchly refused to reign them in.  If you can’t count yourself as one of the 1%, you should be mad as hell.

The latest blow to economic opportunity and greater income equality for 90% of America came with the disastrous Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission case (2010).  The case itself was a relatively narrow challenge concerning the rights of a corporation or organization to use its funds to criticize a candidate running for office.  But the Conservative Justices on the Court saw the case as a bigger question of campaign donations, political action committees (PAC’s), and free speech.  The 5-4 (Conservative majority) ruling that was handed down was a huge win for the Plutocrats for it basically stated that “money = free speech” allowing unlimited amounts of money to flow into PAC’s with very few restrictions on what they did with that money.  Now the wealthy Plutocrats of America could set up their own PACs, and raise, in some cases, $100’s of millions of dollars to spend on almost any cause and for or against any candidate, with very little accountability or transparency.  Prior to Citizens United there was massive amounts of money spent on political campaigns.  After Citizens United the amounts of money became obscene.  You and I can’t afford to donate hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to a cause or campaign.  But the Plutocrats can.  How is this possibly a fair way to run and finance an election??  Free speech should also be relatively EQUAL speech, otherwise the rich can drowned out everyone else.  Then it’s not really free speech for the 90% at all.  And at what point do unlimited donations become bribery?

Citizens United Unpopular

Unfortunately the attention span of the average American voter is very short — a fact upon which Plutocrats rely.  In the 2016 Presidential elections the Republicans ran the biggest, baddest Plutocrat in recent memory.  He easily bamboozled the Republican middle class by convincing them he was a “populist” and using rough, tough language and a 4th grade vocabulary.  He distracted these voters with bullshit, knee jerk slogans such as  “Make America Great Again“, “Build The Wall”, “Ban Muslims”, “Drain The Swamp”, Fake News Media”, “Only I Can Solve It”  to cover up the fact he was snake-oil salesman, pathological liar, provocateur, predatory scum-bag named Donald Trump.  Those voters drank his Kool-Aid.

The Trump Administration has not only brought back the bad-old-days of Plutocracy, they have, with the help of the Republican Party, devolved our political system in to an outright Kleptocracy.  The simple act of refusing to release his income taxes defines Trump as a kleptocrat.  He does not want us to know how much he makes, how much he owes and to whom, where he has his investments, nor who his partners might be.   This has already raised conflict of interest questions in regards to his ties with other kleptocracies such as Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan to name a few. He refuses to completely divest himself from his various companies and investments that are making more money now that he’s the Predator In Chief.

Instead of “Draining the Swamp”, he has brought in super-sized Alligators and Snakes in the form of the wealthiest cabinet in American history.  But wealth isn’t necessarily the worst of it.  As Brooke Harrington points out in a 1/19/17 Washington Post article titled “Yes, Trump’s Cabinet is super rich.  That’s not why we should be worried.”:

“On the whole, Trump’s picks are more renowned for enriching themselves than for giving to needy causes or serving others. For secretary of labor, we find the chief executive of a fast-food company who opposes a higher minimum wage and other labor regulations that cost him money. For leader of the Department of Health and Human Services, the nominee is an orthopedic surgeon who as a member of Congress built a track record of opposing policies that cut into physicians’ profits — including programs such as Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, which limit reimbursements for medical services.”

Trump has now been in office for almost three months.  His “Populist” Kool-Aid voodoo is wearing off even to some of his base.  Now we can judge the man-child by his actions not just his bombast.  He’s making money off of being President: higher membership fees at Mira Lago; higher prices at Trump Tower; and countless businesses and financial entanglements that he refuses to reveal; his sons, Uday and Qusay (Bill Maher’s nicknames for them) are travelling the world, making deals with oligarchs and kleptocrats alike because the Trump brand is now worth even more — and we, the taxpayers are picking up the tab, so far $100,000’s, for their Secret Service contingent while the family enriches itself.  If this isn’t illegal it sure as hell should be.

Back on the homefront,  Trump and his fellow Republican Plutocrat lovers are passing legislation to aid and abet his wealthy friends and donors:  removing environmental regulations so energy companies can pollute more and profit from it;  attempting, but failing, to pass a health care bill that would strip health care from some of the neediest 24 million people, while giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy; defunding and neutralizing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau whose one and only goal is to protect us, the consumers, from predatory lending practices, payday loans and risky investment schemes;  Defunding Planned Parenthood that offers a variety of women’s health services and tests to an estimated 4,000,000 mostly middle and lower class, women.  And coming soon a income tax overhaul that will include big tax cuts (remember the real meaning of that word when it comes from a Plutocrat).

The 90% is getting completely shut out of the big wealth transfer planned by the Republicans.  We can’t take this sitting down.  Stop making excuses for these pricks.  Don’t let them distract you with wedge issues while they pick your pockets, toxify your air and water and steal our future.

There are two ways to stop a Plutocracy/Kleptocracy:

1) In the 1920’s the Plutocracy came to a screeching halt because of the Great Depression.  After the collapse, government policies, laws and programs (like the New Deal) were created to aid the real victims and the neediest and most vulnerable in society.  Thanks to these measures, it took 50 years before the Plutocrats could gain the upper hand again.  So, one way to end the Plutocracy is total economic collapse.  This is not the preferred solution because while the Great Depression hurt rich and poor alike, middle and lower income earners always suffer more and endure economic hard times longer.

2)  The second way to end a plutocracy can be done without an economic meltdown — it requires a massive shift of voter consciousness.  The 99% of us must suspend our ideological war against one another over zero-sum wedge issues and vote as the cohesive economic block that we are.  Economic conditions that deny minorities decent wages, health care and wealth accumulation also deny white Americans from similar economic status the same opportunities.  Remove consumer protection regulations from the financial/insurance industry and it won’t be long before they are raiding and pillaging the middle class again.  Cut funding and enforcement for clean air and water and the 90% gets it the worst.  The recent Michigan water crisis happened in Flint, a prototypical middle class city, not in well-to-do Bloomfield Hills.  Deport undocumented workers and prices on many staple goods and services will go up.  That hurts the 99%, not the 1% that pass the laws.

We are the 99% and despite Citizens United, unlimited contributions, dark money to political entities and a Kleptocrat in the White House, we can absolutely overwhelm the Plutocrats with voting power.  This is exactly why the Republicans (the more pro-plutocratic party) depend upon spreading unsubstantiated fear, exploiting racial issues and using wedge issues to divide the 99% and dupe roughly half of us into voting against our own economic self-interests.  See my previous posts “The Successful Republican Election Strategy Parts 1 & 2” — 1/23/17 and 3/14/17 for a more detailed report on this phenomenon.

A prophetic quote from the movie “The Big Short” (2015):  “I have a feeling, in a few years people are going to be doing what they always do when the economy tanks. They will be blaming immigrants and poor people.”

The Republican Plutocracy

I encourage all voters earning under $250,000 to set aside their never-ending battles over social issues and in 2018 (or before if there are special or local elections) and 2020, VOTE TO END THE KLEPTOCRACY!.  Hold elected officials and candidates accountable for their positions on vital issues such as health care, reasonable environmental regulations, tax cuts and budgeting that hurts us and aids the wealthy, full disclosure of their financial entanglements and tax returns, their stance on reasonable Consumer Protection Laws, ethics laws, Citizens United and dark money in politics and the power and influence of lobbyists and foreign governments.

We have tried “Trickle Down” economics and it has been a complete failure for everyone except the super rich.   A Plutocracy is not a stable way to run our country.  Sooner or later it will produce a catastrophe of greed and avarice.  It weakens America, not make it stronger.  A Kleptocracy is even worse.  We, the 90-99%, are allowing thieves, swindlers and sociopaths to run roughshod over us, manipulating markets, bilking tax payers, destroying our environment, and selling us hot steaming shit and telling us it’s caviar.

We can stop them.  And all we have to do is vote.  Vote smart, vote your pocketbook, vote for the 90-99%.  The way America becomes stronger and ‘greater’ economically is from the middle class out — the exact opposite of “Trickle Down”.   The tax laws, economic opportunites, job growth, health care, educational decisions must be designed to help the middle class first and foremost.  Should we be successful, the fat cats won’t suffer too much.  But just remember, the Plutocrats will always be lurking, waiting and watching for us to drop our guard, become too apathetic or easily distracted.   For a better, more prosperous America, we can’t let that happen.


It’s Time to Revisit the Watergate Scandal



All politicians lie, it comes with the job.  They make promises they can’t keep.  They have grandiose plans that fall through.  They dodge hardball questions and give fuzzy answers at town halls and press conferences.  Millions of dollars are spent to spin “facts” and distract voters.  It’s all part of our First Amendment right to free speech.

The American voter is numbingly tolerant of this type of lying because generally, it has no profound effect on national security nor does it create serious harm to U.S. citizens or interests.

However we are currently in an unprecedented era of political lying.  The war over truth and facts has once again turned the branches of government against one another.  Political entities are deliberately vilifying the press and sowing discord and division among the populace.   These lies have now impacted national security and have the potential to create serious harm to U.S. citizens and institutions.

It’s time to refresh the story of the worst single case of presidential dishonesty (to date) in modern American history — a travesty of lies, deceit and cover-ups that resulted in prison time for many high ranking advisors and ultimately in the resignation of the President of the United States of America.

Known as the Watergate Scandal, it was a fascinating, complex and horrifically dark chapter in our nation’s presidential history.  I highly recommend all American citizens read or re-read a more detailed account.  Here are the brief highlights:

In June of 1972 members of President “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s inner circle had approved a burglary and electronic bugging of the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate Office Complex in Washington D.C.  The burglars were part of a special “investigative” unit Nixon had secretly created, known as the “Plumbers”, to prevent security leaks and gather intelligence about his political enemies.  The money used to finance the operation came from the President’s own Committee to Re-elect the President (ironically abbreviated as CREEP).  The burglars were  more like bunglers.  They were caught inside the DNC’s offices at the Watergate complex by police and arrested.  Their identities quickly lead to connections in Nixon’s White House.  Nixon ordered his senior staff to aggressively cover up the break-in and deny any involvement.


The Watergate Hotel and Office Complex — Washington D.C. in 1972

Despite the White House’s best efforts, the media revealed a growing body of new and incriminating evidence and certain information was actually leaked from within the government itself.  As the scandal widened, members of Nixon’s inner circle of advisors were implicated.  Nixon became furious, railing against a biased and vengeful media.  He approved additional covert investigations against his enemies in the press and in elected offices.  The White House and the American press were in open warfare.

Later in June 1972 through January of 1973, highly damaging information about the Watergate burglary was leaked to the Washington Post by a then anonymous source, called Deep Throat, who later turned out to be a deputy director of the FBI.

In February of 1973 the U.S. Senate, on a unanimous vote, agreed to begin investigations.  Shortly thereafter a Special Prosecutor was authorized for an independent investigation.

In April of 1973, in a nationally televised speech, Nixon publicly acknowledged the burglary and cover-up, announced the resignations of three of his most senior advisors but denied any personal complicity.

In November of 1973, Nixon again appeared on national television and delivered his most audacious and bald-faced lie:

“I had no prior knowledge of the Watergate break-in: I neither took part in nor knew about any of the subsequent cover-up activities; I neither authorized nor encouraged subordinates to engage in illegal or improper campaign tactics.”

But evidence against the President poured in at tidal wave proportions.  Nixon stubbornly hung on, flailing against his usual scapegoats.


In August of 1974, a secret tape recorded conversation surfaced that was later tagged as the “Smoking Gun” tape (It turned out that Nixon had secretly recorded thousands of hours of conversations in the Oval Office, roughly 200 hours pertained to Watergate).  Recorded just a few days after the break-in, in June 1972, the “Smoking Gun”tape revealed Nixon and two of his top aides discussing how to cover up the break-in and manipulate the FBI investigations into the matter.

This revelation prompted Nixon’s own attorneys to comment: “The tape proved that the President had lied to the nation, to his closet aides, and to his own lawyers — for more than two years.”

Under the threat of impeachment in the House and the near certainty of conviction by the Senate, Nixon resigned his office on Aug. 8, 1974.

What were the effects of the Watergate Scandal?  First, the American people became more cynical about government in general.  The battles for Civil Rights, Women’s Rights and protests over the Viet Nam War had already done damage to the Federal Government’s credibility.  Watergate sealed the deal.   It could even be said that mistrust of government, a regular mantra of today’s Republican fear-mongering campaigns, began as a result of Watergate caused by a dishonest Republican administration!

Secondly, Watergate was an incredible civics lesson to the American people about the how our Constitution works and the genius of it’s authors, particularly in creating a government of separate powers with the ability check and balance one another.  Such a system has protected us from any one power center of government trying grab power or act independently.  So far the greatest threats to the separation of powers structure have come from the executive branch.  We should all fear a presidential power who claims to be above the law, routinely lies to the public, who attacks the judiciary when it decides against him, and vilifies the press.  Sound familiar?

Thirdly, Watergate demonstrated the importance of what is called the “Fourth Estate” an expression attributed to an 18th century English parliamentarian.  In the United States the expression refers to a free and independent press being a fourth power center as a check on the other three (legislative, judicial and executive).  Without the tireless and persistent efforts of the press, the Nixon administration may have gotten away with the crimes and cover-up of Watergate.

Today’s “Fourth Estate” is infinitely more complex that it was in 1972.  It is, in some ways, a victim of its own success.  The 24 hour TV (cable) news cycle began in 1980, only seven years after Nixon’s resignation.  News reporting was never the same after that.  By the late 1990’s, many Americans started getting their news from another source, the Internet.  This inundation of news and the media options through which it is broadcast, have permitted the rise of less-than-credible news sources intent on spreading false news, slander, misdirection and lies solely for the purpose of ratings, profits and partisan rabble-rousing.

Such speech is legal under our First Amendment.  It is up to the American public to carefully screen and fact check the news you receive.  If a news item seems unreal or sensational, check a different channel or publication.  If there is an intense debate among politicians, plug the topic or key words into your Internet browser and make sure you read more than one article on the subject.  Healthy skepticism makes for a better informed electorate.

It’s time for all Americans to refresh our knowledge of the Watergate Scandal and it’s impact on our Democracy.  There is good reason to suspect our current president is exhibiting traits similar to Richard Nixon — a belief he is above the law; condemnation of a dissenting judiciary; scapegoating the press and lying almost every time he steps up to a microphone — all in the first month of his administration.

There is one difference between Nixon and Predator Drumpf:  Nixon’s persona was shaped by his own deep paranoia and delusions born out of the Cold War, McCarthyism, his previous scandal as Vice President under Eisenhower (see Teapot Dome Scandal) and his election loses for President in 1960 and Governor of California in 1962.  Nixon was not a compulsive liar, just highly secretive and paranoid.  He lied about Watergate to cover his ass.

Drumpf’s lies are pathological.  Every American should be deeply concerned about the mental stability of our president.  This will be the subject of the next blog from La Resistance American.  Stay tuned and in the meantime:




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Welcome to La Resistance American!


Are you sick to your stomach over the recent election results and impending inauguration?

Are you disgusted that in 2016, a man, with the backing of a major political party, ran a campaign for President of the United States that openly and notoriously focused on white supremacy, chauvinism, conspiracy theories, anti-immigration, fact and science denial, anti-media and locking up his opponent?

More to the point, are you shocked and angry he actually WON?

You should be. The party that nominated and backed him has used a “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” political strategy for the last 20 years that has succeeded in an almost complete takeover of our government!  The fact that Republicans are now in firm control of Congress and soon to be the White House and Supreme Court, means that there are very few checks and balances against the whims of our President-elect Buffoon or a right wing agenda from Congress.

Worse yet, a significant majority of Americans voted AGAINST this scum-bag. Clinton won the popular vote by 2.9 million.  She has the distinction of having beat her opponent by the most votes in American history and still lose the election.  Prior to 2000 there had only been three Presidential elections in American history in which the popular vote loser became president (1824 by 38,000 votes; 1876 by 250,000 votes; 1888 by 90,000 votes).  Now two have occurred in the last 16 years!  (2000 by 540,000 votes).  Something is dreadfully wrong with our electoral system (more on this in a later post).  Drump’s electoral win came from a razor thin majority of 130,000 votes over three swing states (OH, MI, WI).

But even that slim victory was tainted by two unprecedented events.

There is now clear evidence that Russia illegally hacked and released emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign manager for the express purpose of aiding and abetting the Drumpf campaign. Never before has there been such blatant interference from a foreign government in an American election.  This is even more significant in the context of the following: Drumpf’s public admiration for Russia’s dictator, I mean, President “Vlad the Impaler” Putin; the yet uninvestigated business ties between the Kremlin and Drumpf’s previous campaign manager, Paul Manafort; and most recently the nomination of Exxon President Rex Tillerson, known to have very deep business relationships with the Russian oligarchy.  Drumpf has, of course, dismissed the evidence of this interference despite agreement by all three major intelligence agencies.  Congressional hearings are already in the works. Let us hope that partisanship won’t suppress the truth and all of the facts will come out.

Can you imagine how loud the Republicans would have howled if there had been one whiff of coziness between Hilary Clinton and the Kremlin or China?  They would be screaming bloody murder!  They would have their pitchforks sharpened, torches lit and calling for her head on a pike!.  And they have would tried to lock her up if they didn’t have a rope and a stout tree branch handy. Fucking hypocrites!  Obama said it best:  “Ronald  Reagan is rolling in his grave.”

The second event was the October surprise sprung by none other than our own FBI.

FBI director James Comey, prematurely and, in this author’s opinion, unethically, announced publicly, 12 days before the election, that additional Clinton emails had been found BEFORE a full investigation had been done on their content.  Then, four days before the election, he revealed the emails were simply duplicates of ones they had already investigated.  Comey should and could have waited for the investigation results in which case NO ANNOUNCEMENT AT ALL would have been necessary!  But the damage had already been done.  Clinton’s poll numbers took a dive from which she never recovered.

This is much more than a case of sore loser-ship.  We accept that Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate with high unfavorable ratings.  She failed, by a small margin, to excite and motivate enough Democrat voters despite improving economic conditions, low unemployment numbers and record stock prices.  But at the same time it was, and still is, almost incomprehensible to those of us who voted against Drumpf, that the Republican party could not only nominate such a sleazy,  shyster bully, but vote for this fool in large enough numbers to allow him to win!

So please Conservatives, spare us the “Drumpf won, get over it!” Or “We all need to get behind the President Elect now”.  You disrespected Obama for eight years simply because of his skin color and slightly left of center politics.  We will not “get over” or “get behind” a man who ran a hateful, ugly campaign of fear-mongering stoked by billions of dollars of dark money.  Your candidate demonstrated to the majority of American voters  that he is a temperamental sociopath who habitually denies facts and science in favor of knee-jerk, simplistic conspiracy theories.  And the majority of voters have very limited governmental checks and balances over this whiny, provocable man-child.  Damn right we’re concerned.  We should all be very concerned!

But we do have one check and balance that all of the Republican voter suppression, disenfranchisement and election trickery can’t stop.  We have the numbers.  Not only did more Americans vote for Clinton but, of the huge silent minority of voting age people who did not vote, we know that the majority of them lean Democrat:  they tend to be young, non-white, female and middle income older people.  Precisely why Republicans have worked so hard to discourage them or make it more difficult for them to vote.

We are the majority in this country.  But we have been way too complacent and passive.  Politically the Republicans have outfoxed, out hustled and been more aggressive than the Democratic Party in the last 20 years.  Shame on the Democrats for being asleep at the wheel and allowing the Republicans to successfully use redistricting, suppression, unlimited campaign bribes, fearmongering and wedge issues to distract the masses.

The Republicans control the House, the Senate by a couple of votes, and will have at least a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court.  For the remaining majority of non-Republicans, we must:

— BE VIGILANT!  Stay engaged with real news sources.  Check those sources against truth-telling, non-partisan websites like Politifact, Snopes.com, FactCheck.org, or OpenSecrets.  Read more, inform yourself.  Follow this La Resistance American blog.  When you hear about or see actions and/or policies coming from Washington or red-state governments that you feel are harmful, unjust or downright cruel — YOU MUST SPEAK OUT!  March, protest, Tweet, Post, Blog, email your representative in the Congress.  Let’s flood Washington with our dissent.  We must let them know WE ARE STILL HERE AND WE’RE WATCHING!

— STAY INVOLVED!  This is not the time to move to Canada or flee to the woods.  Now is the time to step up and double down.  Block the wall; stop detention camps; fight militarization of our borders; oppose war; demand equal access to voting; equal justice for everyone especially minorities; insist on non-partisan redistricting; reject discrimination, bullying and intimidation; defend women’s reproductive freedom; protect our environment; cherish and preserve our natural resources; and most of all, let’s try to play nice with others.



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Much more to follow………