Don The Destroyer — Because destruction is easy and leaves more time for golf!


Trump the Destroyer                                                   (Picture credit:

It’s so much easier to destroy than construct. It’s easier to rescind than create. It’s easier to repeal than replace. Criticism and ridicule is simple compared to governing or managing with efficiency, effectiveness and fairness.

Donald Trump is just the kind of lazy, vengeful fuck whose main mission as President has been to destroy shit, no matter what its merit. He doesn’t care. If it pleases him or his billionaire boys club or his base, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt or what the consequences are. And if it originated with Obama or the Democrats, it is automatically bad and needs to be destroyed.

Trump has been in office for over a year. He has built or created nothing new. Instead he has destroyed lives, beneficial government programs and protections for needy Americans. All Hail the Destroyer!


Coal Mining Pollution

He made it legal again to dump toxic coal waste in nearby steams and ponds (left).

He rescinded Obama-era regulations on oil companies that protect against another BP/Gulf of Mexico type oil spill and required oil companies to establish a fund to help clean up future spills.

Under Trump the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has eliminated the Clean Power Act which was designed to force coal and natural gas fired power plants to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions 32% by 2032 (NY Times 10/17).

Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement which was the product of years of work by people around the globe, and agreed to by 193 nations in 2015. It is unquestionably the most important climate agreement in history and we Americans are now officially outliers.

Don the Destroyer (“climate change is a Chinese hoax”), said he would negotiate a ‘much better’ deal”. He hasn’t. In fact, he hasn’t said a word about a new deal since the withdrawal. Because withdrawing is much easier than leading.


The Affordable Care Act has provided health insurance coverage to 20 million previously uninsured Americans. The percentage of uninsured Americans which hovered between 16-18% for decades has since dropped to below 10%. That’s a good policy that could have been improved upon by a willing Administration.

But Republicans ran on “Repeal and Replace”. And when it came time to replace, their plan was infinitely worse than the ACA. So Don the Destroyer could only weaken the program by reducing funding, limiting sign up periods and dropping the individual mandate.

As a result, during Trump’s first year in office, 3.2 million previously insured Americans have lost their health insurance ( Jan. ’18) — proving that repealing a working, viable healthcare system is much easier than replacing it (with “something better”).


The recession of 2008 was brought upon us by the reckless and illegal practices of a financial industry gone amok. They destroyed the wealth of tens of millions of Americans. As a result, Congress and Obama passed the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB) to provide oversight for the predatory financial industry and prevent the abuses that caused the financial meltdown.

As of Oct. ’16 the CFPB had shown the following results in its first 5 years:
        $11.7 billion: Approximate amount of relief to consumers from CFPB supervisory and enforcement work.
$27 million: Consumers who will receive relief as a result of CFPB supervisory and enforcement work.
$573 million: Money ordered to be paid in civil penalties as a result of CFPB enforcement work.
1,000,000: Complaints CFPB has handled as of September 1, 2016

Smart, sensible and necessary. Many economists said the regulations didn’t go far enough to prevent another crash. But because it was legislation from Obama and a Democratic Congress, Trump had to destroy it. His administration has cut the budget, stopped prosecutions against violators, defanged the law and put one of his own henchman (Office of Budget Director Mick Mulvaney) in as interim director to make sure the Agency remains neutered.

Middle America should rest better at night knowing that Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank and the usurious Pay Day lenders of this country can go back to manipulating markets and fucking us any way they please just like 2008.

How short are our collective attention spans?!


No President since Richard Nixon has so egregiously interfered with the operations and policy direction at the Department of Justice.

Trump has meddled deeply into the Russia investigation and ranted furiously that his Attorney General recused himself, which he was legally mandated to do. He has fired the FBI director because of the Russia investigation and he recently pressured the Acting Director to resign (same reason).

Trump has also taken the GOP mantra of “activist judges” (judges that make decisions that Conservatives don’t like) and doubled down to attack judges and denigrate the judicial system that block his imperial decrees.

Image:Trump and his evil elf Attorney General Jeff Sessions have reversed a 20 year policy of protecting citizens from police abuse and civil rights violations. They have frozen many of the lawsuits and consent decrees left over from the Obama administration and even suggested to police that they “not be too nice” to suspects when they are being arrested. With a wink of the eye Trump has let police know that this he is willing to turn a blind eye to abuses and civil rights violations. (Picture credit:

And in another ridiculously destructive campaign, Trump and Sessions have threatened to fight the ‘budding’ legal marijuana industry, currently in 29 states. Legal marijuana is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, which has produced a rare win-win in legislative history: huge tax revenue increases and huge savings from law enforcement, judicial and incarceration costs. (See my blog  Americans Need More Marijuana for a full discussion).

But ‘liberals’ smoke pot, so Trump wants to destroy it.


The Destroyer is not just going after undocumented aliens with criminal records, he’s ordered ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to arrest any undocumented person: fathers arrested driving their children to school; successful and established business owners being arrested; and one story of ICE in a hospital waiting room to arrest an undocumented child after she was released from medical treatment. None of these people had criminal records. Most of them were law abiding tax payers who had been in the country for many years.

DACA deportations

But nothing has been as heinous and destructive as rescinding the DACA program. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program established by Obama in 2012 protected the young children of undocumented adult aliens who entered the U.S. illegally. Those children have grown up in the United States and a statistically impressive group of young people, highly educated, strong work ethic, law abiding and optimistic. These kids are American in every sense of the word. Deporting these kids to a strange country, without their families, without anything would be the cruelest act by a President since Andrew Jackson sent Native Americans on the “Trail of Tears” in 1830. Only a true Destroyer would even contemplate such a thing. Now the lives of 700,000 DACA kids hang in the balance. Cruel, barbaric and absolutely senseless.


Free Speech quote Jefferson

Trump shows his autocratic side when he persistently degrades the American free press. No President has gone to such lengths to delegitimize the media. Every story that portrays Trump negatively is pronounced “fake news” by the Destroyer. A dangerous precedent that is common practice among aspiring dictators. In a government controlled by Republicans in every branch, mainstream media may be the only independent check on the abuses of this Presidency. And those come almost daily.

It’s particularly easy for the Destroyer to claim “fake news”. He doesn’t read anything anyway!


The ethics violations of this Administration are unprecedented. Trump created more ethics controversies in his first month as President than Obama did in eight years.

Trump corrupt

Trump’s refusal to publicize his tax returns, to put unqualified, close family members in top administrative positions, his refusal to put his business assets (and Jared’s and Ivanka’s) in blind trusts, and to have key advisors who do not qualify for security clearances — are unlike the ethical standards every other modern day President. Unfortunately, our ethics rules are toothless and Trump knows it.

We will also have to beef-up enforcement of the ‘emoluments’ clause in Article 1 of the Constitution:

Emoluments Clause

The fact that the Emolument Clause has never been tested is itself a testimony to the general trustworthiness and ethical consistency of 44 past Presidents. Up until now, there has been no need to test this clause. But thanks to Don the Destroyer, there will be, and needs to be, a greater scrutiny of the law and hopefully some new legislation to clarify and fortify the Emoluments Clause.

In the future, we also may want to consider a thorough psychological exam and a CAT-scan for all presidential nominees. Oh yeah, maybe a literacy test too.

He has tarnished the very dignity of the office of the President with his incredulous support for White Supremacists in Charlotte; his false claims of felony wiretapping against the former President; his insulting attempt to comfort a war widow; his obvious fondness for thugs and dictators over our democratic allies; and his denigrations of women who have accused him of sexual predation. The list goes on endlessly. Trump is beneath the dignity of any other American President. He is a scum-bag, a scoundrel, a thug, a liar and a criminal.


Without question, his most horrific behavior is his purposeful intent to divide this nation through outright lies and false accusations – solely for the purpose of getting himself and keeping himself elected. The path to American Greatness will never pass through a divided country. But Trump neither understands nor cares. The Republicans have been using the “Divide and Conquer” strategy for 20 years (see my blog The Successful Republican Election Strategy …..Divide And Conquer!”   Part 1 — Wedge Issues.). It has brought them political success, but it has done great harm to the fabric and foundation of our great country.

Like destruction, segregating Americans into “us and them”, “red and blue”, “good and evil”, “patriots and snowflakes” is much easier than working to build a more unified, more tolerant, more compassionate society.

Trump the babyThe Destroyer’s childish, divisive, insulting, denigrating and abusive behavior and speech have made his Presidency the most adversarial and least popular in modern history. Worse now I believe than Richard Nixon’s. Trump is a cancer upon the American Presidency. He is not a builder, a uniter, a healer, a constructor, or a mediator. He is a destroyer for two simple reasons:

1) Destruction is easier than Construction. And Trump is inherently a lazy fuck. He can get in more rounds of golf by being a Destroyer. With a short tweet, he can send the whole political world into a shitstorm.

2) The ashes of destruction are fertile ground for the birth of autocratic tyrants. Just look at the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Castro, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, to name a few examples.

Trump clearly does not want “Checks and Balances” on his power. He neither knows nor cares what’s in the U.S. Constitution. The free press is an enemy to be defeated. He has no regard for American values of equality, fairness, decency or tolerance.

Don the Destroyer MUST BE STOPPED. And for the continuity of American Greatness, it needs to happen sooner rather than later. Every day he remains in the White House he destroys a little bit more of our American institutions, values and dignity.

Tuesday, November 8 must be the day of The Great Blue Wave. Every citizen hurt or sickened by the actions and policies of the Destroyer must show up at the polls. Trump is not on the ballot, but by voting OUT the obstructionist Republicans and voting IN Democrats and Independents, we can neutralize the power of the Destroyer, allow the Mueller investigation to run its course and one way or another, clear the way to remove the Destroyer from office.

In the meantime, resist, speak out, write your Congresspersons, register to vote, run for office, march, activate. Viva La Resistance American!

Vote Tues Nov 8


Life Under A Republican Regime

  • Now that Republicans control all the major branches of government as well as a majority of statehouses, their governing priorities are becoming clear.  Here’s what we know so far:

CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESS INTERESTS TAKE PRIORITY OVER THE ENVIRONMENT AND PROTECTION OF OUR HUMAN HABITAT.  One of the very first pieces of legislation passed by the Republican Congress abolishes the Office of Surface Mining Streams Protection Rule — reversing an Obama era regulation to protect waterways from coal mining waste.  Republicans are in favor of more toxic coal ash in our streams!  Brilliant!  Profits are now more important than pollution.  Republicans are willing to sacrifice the quality of our water, air and soil in order to supposedly “create jobs” which, if it happens at all, will likely be temporary.  Corporations may see a short term increase in profits, but again, for how long?  And at what long term cost to all of us?

Coal Mining Pollution


This is a coal waste pond.  I’d like to fill the water coolers at the House of Representatives and the White House with this sludge.  Would they reverse their decision then?


MAKE AMERICA HATE AGAIN/MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN.  Unlimited money pouring into political campaigns and their surrogate organizations have made elections infinitely more divisive and given them a nastier and uglier tone.  This alone spells danger for American greatness.  But the U.S. has never seen an election like this last one.  The Republican candidate for President ran a campaign of open and naked contempt for people of color, women, minority religions, the poor, the disabled, our judicial system, our free press, and voices of dissent in general.  As disgusting and embarrassing as that was, he also tragically won.  Trump’s first executive order was a poorly thought out, completely unconstitutional ban on people coming to the U.S. based solely on their religious affiliation.  He has since ordered mass deportations of Latino/Hispanic immigrants, many whose only crime is being here without full documentation — even children brought here by their parents.  Trump is an admitted sexual predator who views women purely as objects for his manipulation and pleasure.  As President he has moved to block reproductive health care for American women who need it the most.  He has signed an executive order making it easier for businesses and “Christians” (my choice of word) to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation.  His Attorney General, a previously avowed racist, wants to bring back the failed “law and order” tactics of the Reagan/Bush/Clinton era, such as abandoning consent decrees already in place with numerous metropolitan police forces who have a long, sordid history of abusing, intimidating and persecuting citizens, especially citizens of color.  And the Republican party has largely supported and encouraged these barbaric and primitive practices.  They have spawned a new level of hate in this country unseen since the Civil Rights victories in the 60’s and 70’s.  Hate crimes, hate speech, intolerance, discrimination, politically motivated violence are rising to the highest levels in decades.   This is life under the Republican Regime.

White Supremacists overwhelmingly endorse Republican candidates.  But never before have they endorsed a candidate so openly, so loudly and with such vigor as they have Trump.  Steve Bannon is Trump’s Chief Strategist.  Vote Republican and help enable the extreme right wing agenda.

THE RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF THE WEALTHIEST, MOST FORTUNATE AMERICANS VASTLY EXCEEDS THOSE OF THE REST OF US AND REPUBLICANS ARE INTENT TO SEE THOSE ADVANTAGES EXPAND.  On the political front Republicans have pushed an aggressive campaign of voter suppression targeting people who typically vote Democratic  (minorities, college students, elderly).  They have supported unlimited campaign donations and worse, dark (anonymous) contributions to Political Action Committees (PAC’s) and “527” groups (the tax code ID) enabling rich Americans to have an oversized and unequal voice in elections.  Republicans have quickly moved to roll back citizen protections against Corporate market manipulation, production of unsafe or dangerous products, predatory lending and sales practices, high-risk security trading, and capping monetary compensation for corporate malfeasance.  See my post The Successful Republican Election Strategy…..Divide and Conquer! Part 2: Voter Suppression.  for the full indictment.

The recent Trump tax code proposal spells out the Republican priorities in black and white — a “Trickle Down” tax cut where billionaires like Trump (if he actually is one) will save $10’s of millions on their taxes while the other 90% of us get a pittance.  Read my recent post,  The American Pluto-Kleptocracy  (dated 4/17) for an in-depth report.  Republican tax cuts have been the greatest driving force in creating income inequality in this country.  Mad about stagnating wages?  Pissed off that CEO’s and Financial company VIP’s make more money in a day that you make in a year?  Feel like you can’t get ahead?  Keep voting Republican and you are insuring it will get worse.

Income Inequality Cartoon

The only problem with this cartoon is that the “90%” don’t disappear, they just get angry and desperate.   That leads to civil unrest and possibly revolt.  If our path to a comfortable life is blocked or unattainable then one day, we’ll rise and overthrow the wealth hoarders.   Not a good thing if you want a stable society.


CAN’T AFFORD HEALTH CARE?  HAVE PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS?  WORRIED ABOUT A LIFETIME CAP ON BENEFITS?  REPUBLICANS DON’T GIVE A SHIT.  They proved it this week by passing what could only be described as the cruelest, most draconian, and worst health care bill that the House of Representatives has ever dreamed up.  They passed this nightmare bill so quickly, most of the Republicans that voted for it NEVER READ IT AND HAVE NO CLUE what the real consequences are.  They purposely chose not to allow time for an in-depth review or to wait until the Congressional Budget Office “scored” the bill (the non-partisan CBO evaluates a projected cost and effect of each major piece of legislation).  The previous Republican failed attempt at a health care bill was “scored” by the CBO to increase deficits by $337 billion and 24 million people would lose health care by 2026.  This recent bill will, by most estimates, be WORSE.  Are these legislators human?  Do they have any compassion or empathy for people?  Didn’t Candidate Trump promise “Everybody’s going to be covered….and it’s going to be GREAT!”  Well that’s more Trump bullshit.  Fewer people will be covered, more people will go bankrupt, Americans will be sicker and it’s going to cost us all more money.   That’s not great.  That plain sucks.  How do these people get elected?

My, my, aren’t all of those states above RED states??

ANTI-SCIENCE, ANTI-INTELLECTUAL, ANTI-FACT, ANTI-EDUCATION IS THE WAY TO AMERICAN GREATNESS.  Republicans scoff at book-learning, science and intelligent people.  They call them “Elites” who are not to be trusted.  If you don’t read books, you couldn’t know that this is EXACTLY the strategy used when Fascists take over a government.  Authoritarians perceive that educated, critical-thinking people are their biggest threat.  Same with a free press.  It starts with the press being vilified and labeled as enemies of the state because they are criticizing the government.  That’s where we are now.  Only selected and sympathetic media outlets are given full access to the White House.  Republicans are slashing higher education funding in many red states.  They are proposing school voucher programs that will defund public schools in favor of private, less regulated and often for-profit schools.  They are breaking up teacher’s unions and freezing teacher’s pay.  Republicans know they will perform better if the electorate is less educated, more ideological and fearful.  They deny the very real, measurable, observable facts about Climate Change .  Trump has called Climate Change a “Chinese hoax” and threatened to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement ratified by 197 countries in a rare moment of global unity.  Instead, he wants to ramp up production of coal and oil.  This could lead to the U.S. becoming the “Energy Pariah” of the world, not unlike N. Korea is the “Nuclear Pariah”.  Trump has filled his lower Cabinet positions with completely unqualified appointees:  Ben Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (for which he has zero qualifications);  Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy (he had no idea what the Energy Department did); Scott Pruitt as Director of the EPA (because as OK Attorney General he literally tried to sue the EPA out of existence).  Scott, like his boss, is a Climate Change denier.  Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education — despite the fact that she had never stepped foot in a public school in her life and she and her husband donated large sums of money to the Trump campaign.  And most dangerously, Jeff Sessions as Attorney General – an evil and bigoted little elf who is a throwback to the “Stop & Frisk” days of the 80’s and who has chosen as one of his first law & order campaigns to prosecute, intimidate, harass and threaten states that allow legal recreational and medical marijuana.  What about States Rights you fucking hypocrites!  29 states currently have legal medical marijuana,  8 states have legal recreational marijuana.  These programs are heavily regulated and taxed by the State and as such become a rare win-win opportunity:  increasing tax revenues (Colorado generated $200 million in tax dollars in ’16 on $1 billion in sales) and reducing law enforcement, judicial and incarceration expenses at the same time.  Hard to see the rationale here — could it be that marijuana is legal in mostly blue states that didn’t vote for Trump?  Trump promised that he would hire the best and the brightest.  If this is the best the Republicans have, we’re all in deep shit.  And these bozos shouldn’t be governing this country.



If that is so, then nothing is more dangerous than Donald Trump and the Republican agenda.



Let’s recap, these are the principles of our new Republican Regime:

Corporations over Individuals.

Profits over Habitat.

Hate, Fear, Bigotry and Divisiveness over Unity, Compassion and Tolerance.

Wealthy Privilege and Income Inequality over Middle Class Opportunity.

Sickness and Suffering over Health and Vitality

Ignorance and Ideology over Education, Critical Thinking and Innovation.

Over 90% of Americans should be disgusted and embarrassed by these unfair, discriminatory, suppressive practices.  So why is Trump’s approval rating still around 40%?  (Historically one of the lowest ratings for a new President after 100 days, but still 30% too high!).  Wake up Republican voters — You’re Being Conned and Manipulated!

I can’t see how any of these policies keep America great.  Not a one.  In fact, the longer Republicans control our government and pursue this ideology, the more damage they will do.  Divisive, ignorant, fearful and delusional is not a path to greatness.




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