Please Don’t Applaud Or Encourage The Master of Distraction!



Trump has demonstrated that, as a politician, he is good at three things:

  1.  He is very good at whipping up fear and hate.
  2. He is even better at lying.  He does it so naturally because it’s pathological.
  3. He is a master of distraction.

I’ve written extensively about his first two talents (see The Successful Republican Election Strategy …..Divide And Conquer!”   Part 1 — Wedge Issues. and The American Pluto-Kleptocracy).  So, this article is about Trump’s Art of The Distraction.

Chapter 1.  Whatever I Call You,  I Am Times Infinity.

Trump gives his opponents nicknames that are a manifestation of some of his own worst qualities.  During the campaign he called Marco Rubio “Little Marco”, specifically referencing the size of Rubio’s hands – and thereby implying Rubio had a little dick.  Now that we all unfortunately know Trump better,  he sure acts like a guy trying to overcome multiple insecurities — one of which probably involves his unusually small penis.

Marco Rubio Little

Trump’s nickname for Jeb Bush was “Low Energy Jeb”.  During the campaign, Trump didn’t come across as a low energy guy.  But since becoming President, Trump has been the laziest bastard to ever inhabit the White House.   Trump doesn’t read policy papers, daily briefings or books, instead he watches Fox News.  Trump didn’t vet Circuit or Supreme Court nominees, he used the list that the Heritage Foundation handed him.  He hasn’t invested any measurable time into healthcare, a more comprehensive immigration plan, infrastructure or really even JOBS.

Trump fat

Clearly his greatest priority is his own self-interests followed by those of his family and a small fraternity of ruthless billionaires.  He really has no macro, long-term vision for a greater America; instead he tweets his morning brain farts. He has played golf 15 times in 16 weekends on the job ( and has spent 10 weekends at his Mir a Lago Resort in Florida.  That’s a lot for a man who said, “I would rarely leave the White House because there is so much work to be done.  I would not be a President that takes time off”  (June ’15,  Trump is a fat lazy fuck.


Which brings me to Ted Cruz, better known as “Lyin’ Ted”, his chief primary opponent and the only man I wanted to become President less than Trump.  The fact that Cruz received the second most primary votes says as much about the state of the Republican party as nominating the Orange Buffoon.  But no one trumps Trump on telling lies.  He doesn’t lie like a normal politician, making promises that he can’t keep and selling his soul to Big Donors for $$$.  Trump lies pathologically, about EVERYTHING:  little things, like the size of his inauguration crowd to huge things, like “Obama wiretapped Trump Tower”.  His lying is so pervasive that it may well be, in the end, the very flaw that sends his Presidency crashing down.  No one is a more accomplished liar than Trump, not even Cruz.  See How To Spot A Pathological Liar

And “Crooked Hillary”.  Trump knows crooked — he’s made a career out of it.

Trump liar

From contractors he stiffed, to landowners he bullied and intimidated, to banks he defaulted on, to the Trump Foundation’s funds he illegally misused, to Trump University students he scammed.  In retrospect, Hillary’s email issue seems petty and partisan compared to Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors.  He is a criminal that has, until now, escaped prosecution.  He makes Richard Nixon look like a Boy Scout.  See It’s Time to Revisit the Watergate Scandal.

Finally, the “Fake News”, “Alternative Facts” mainstream media.  Trump’s attacks on the independent media have sent the chills of Fascism down millions of spines.   And true to form, no one is a bigger phony than Trump — from his lies, his conspiracy theories,  his contentions about his wealth, his hair, his whole campaign shtick of bullshit and snake oil that 60 million gullible Americans consumed as a magic elixir.  Trump has no conscience, no real policies, no substance, he was surprised how “hard” it is to be President and was shocked that issues like healthcare and tax reform were so “complicated”.  “Who knew?” he tweeted.  Everything that doesn’t directly serve or benefit Trump is either “fake” or “false” until his deluded, addled brain decides otherwise.

By using nicknames in this fashion, he deflects his own worst flaws onto someone else.  He uses simple, 4th grade level, derogatory name-calling as a distraction.  And for many Republicans voters, it was quite effective!

Chapter 2:   If You’re Going to Distract…..Distract Bigly!

Trump’s campaign chants, “Lock Her Up”, “Build The Wall”,  “America First”, “Fake News” were simple, yet whopper distractions to overcome the fact that Trump had no policies, no real practical knowledge of governance or no long term goals.

He just couldn’t let go of the fact that he lost the popular vote by roughly 3,000,000; so he invented a distraction that “3-4 million” votes were cast fraudulently in the 2016.

Trump illegal voting

He doubled down and said proof would be coming in 2 weeks.  It’s now been 2 months and not a shred of evidence has been produced; secretaries of states from all 50 states have certified their election results and found virtually zero cases of in-person voting fraud.  Not dissuaded, Trump has recently appointed an advisory panel to investigate the non-existent fraud.

After being “forced” to fire Michael Flynn and in the wake of snowballing news on the Russia/Trump controversy and Jeff Sessions recusal, Trump tried to avert the firestorm by claiming “Obama Wiretapped Trump Tower” and demanding an investigation.

Trump Flynn

And once again he claimed that supporting evidence would be “released very soon”.  Days later he even went so far as to ask the Congressional Intelligence Committees to begin an investigation into the wiretapping — without releasing one whiff of evidence to back up his claim.  That was 2 months ago.  The FBI has said they have seen no proof nor have the Congressional Committees received anything upon which to launch an investigation.  In this author’s opinion, this claim is more than a fabricated distraction; it is liable and slander of the highest order and proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that Trump is mentally unfit to continue in the office of President of the United States.

In early April the heat in Trump’s hellkitchen was becoming uncomfortable.  Michael Flynn offered to testify before Congress; leaks were popping up everywhere; and the FBI was not corroborating Trump’s claims that “he wasn’t under investigation”.  At this sensitive moment, U.S. intelligence reported that Bashar Al-Assad had used chemical weapons against innocent civilians in Syria.  This gave Trump the opportunity to pull off one of his biggest distractions yet — he ordered a missile strike on the Syrian air base from which the chemical attack had originated.

To my horror, many people, even some who had been very skeptical of Trump, applauded the move and publically praised Trump.  Brian Williams, the MSNBC anchor, described the event:

Brian Williams syrian missle strike

“We see these beautiful pictures at night from the decks of these two U.S. Navy vessels in the eastern Mediterranean,” Williams said. “I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen: ‘I am guided by the beauty of our weapons.’”

“They are beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments making what is for them what is a brief flight over to this airfield,” he added.

Shame on you Brian Williams.  I thought you were better than that….

Why are people cheering this mental patient for potentially committing an act of war?  Trump really doesn’t give a damn about Syrian children caught in hell-on-Earth.  We know this because he hasn’t said “boo” about it since then, hasn’t promoted any plan to change the children’s plight, has proposed a budget that significantly reduces foreign humanitarian aid and is in neck-deep with the Russians who are propping up the thug Assad.  This was just an excuse for Trump to try out his very dangerous new toys and redirect people’s attention from his Russia scandal.  Stop cheering!  This isn’t a good thing.

Chapter 3 (and Moral To The Story):  Don’t Encourage The Master Distractor.

The absolute LAST THING we should be doing is giving Trump praise and adulation when he carelessly and without proper notification/authorization uses American military power.  I almost hesitate to print this but military strikes, military build-ups and war have traditionally been the most effective distractions for an otherwise, unpopular President.  Most recently, “W” Bush (with the help of Darth Cheney) used 9/11 to pass the Patriot Act curtailing individual freedoms and to justify torture and illegal rendition against enemy combatants in direct violation of the Geneva Convention.  And clearly the on-going Afghan and Iraq wars helped Bush win a second term.

WE CANNOT NOR SHOULD NOT APPLAUD PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR LASHING OUT MILITARILY AGAINST ANYONE AT THIS JUNCTURE OF HIS PRESIDENCY.  He is a reckless and disturbed man who has become increasingly isolated and desperate as scandals of his own making are threatening to undo everything he has accomplished.  INSTEAD, WE SHOULD REACT IN HORROR AND PROTEST WITH OUR LOUDEST VOICES AGAINST THIS MANIAC.


More recently Trump has provoked North Korea using tough talk and sending an “armada” to Australia instead of Korea.  This has done nothing but fueled talk of retaliation from North Korea, followed by an aggressive series of missile tests.

Most recently, Trump attempted another massive distraction by firing the director of the FBI and gave a series of conflicting and nonsensical reasons for doing so.  The real reason behind Director Comey’s firing is all too obvious.  Comey was leading a growing, and potentially very damaging investigation into the President and his campaign aides over their involvement in the Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.  In Trump’s deluded mind he thought this would side-track or maybe end the investigation.  Instead, he may have just added ‘obstruction of justice’ to the list of crimes he has committed.

As Trump becomes more deeply mired in scandal and possible treason, his attempts at distraction could become increasingly ominous.


I would not put it past this deranged man to do something genuinely terrifying.  Trump is unfit to remain as President and he MUST BE REMOVED either by impeachment or by invoking the 25th Amendment (Sec. 4) to the Constitution.  Unfortunately, Republicans are recklessly slow-walking the Trump/Russia investigations and have yet to stand up to this spreading cancer.  For a party that ran on the slogan “America First”, it’s time they set aside their real agenda, “Party First”, and commit to the constitutional rule of law.

In the meantime, We The People must remain vigilant and encourage our Representatives to keep Trump in check over the next few weeks and months — especially our Republican Representatives, until he can be legally and permanently removed from the office of the Presidency.

Trump impeachWrite your Congressmen and Senators today.  Demand that they hold Trump accountable and allow these investigations to move forward post-haste, and if they don’t, we will not-so-kindly show them the exit door come 2018.  Leaving Trump in power one extra day might be too long.  What other acts of desperation is Trump capable of before he is removed from office?

To Contact Members of the House Of Representatives:

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“The Power Of The People Is Greater Than The People In Power”   Wael Ghonim





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It’s Time to Revisit the Watergate Scandal



All politicians lie, it comes with the job.  They make promises they can’t keep.  They have grandiose plans that fall through.  They dodge hardball questions and give fuzzy answers at town halls and press conferences.  Millions of dollars are spent to spin “facts” and distract voters.  It’s all part of our First Amendment right to free speech.

The American voter is numbingly tolerant of this type of lying because generally, it has no profound effect on national security nor does it create serious harm to U.S. citizens or interests.

However we are currently in an unprecedented era of political lying.  The war over truth and facts has once again turned the branches of government against one another.  Political entities are deliberately vilifying the press and sowing discord and division among the populace.   These lies have now impacted national security and have the potential to create serious harm to U.S. citizens and institutions.

It’s time to refresh the story of the worst single case of presidential dishonesty (to date) in modern American history — a travesty of lies, deceit and cover-ups that resulted in prison time for many high ranking advisors and ultimately in the resignation of the President of the United States of America.

Known as the Watergate Scandal, it was a fascinating, complex and horrifically dark chapter in our nation’s presidential history.  I highly recommend all American citizens read or re-read a more detailed account.  Here are the brief highlights:

In June of 1972 members of President “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s inner circle had approved a burglary and electronic bugging of the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate Office Complex in Washington D.C.  The burglars were part of a special “investigative” unit Nixon had secretly created, known as the “Plumbers”, to prevent security leaks and gather intelligence about his political enemies.  The money used to finance the operation came from the President’s own Committee to Re-elect the President (ironically abbreviated as CREEP).  The burglars were  more like bunglers.  They were caught inside the DNC’s offices at the Watergate complex by police and arrested.  Their identities quickly lead to connections in Nixon’s White House.  Nixon ordered his senior staff to aggressively cover up the break-in and deny any involvement.


The Watergate Hotel and Office Complex — Washington D.C. in 1972

Despite the White House’s best efforts, the media revealed a growing body of new and incriminating evidence and certain information was actually leaked from within the government itself.  As the scandal widened, members of Nixon’s inner circle of advisors were implicated.  Nixon became furious, railing against a biased and vengeful media.  He approved additional covert investigations against his enemies in the press and in elected offices.  The White House and the American press were in open warfare.

Later in June 1972 through January of 1973, highly damaging information about the Watergate burglary was leaked to the Washington Post by a then anonymous source, called Deep Throat, who later turned out to be a deputy director of the FBI.

In February of 1973 the U.S. Senate, on a unanimous vote, agreed to begin investigations.  Shortly thereafter a Special Prosecutor was authorized for an independent investigation.

In April of 1973, in a nationally televised speech, Nixon publicly acknowledged the burglary and cover-up, announced the resignations of three of his most senior advisors but denied any personal complicity.

In November of 1973, Nixon again appeared on national television and delivered his most audacious and bald-faced lie:

“I had no prior knowledge of the Watergate break-in: I neither took part in nor knew about any of the subsequent cover-up activities; I neither authorized nor encouraged subordinates to engage in illegal or improper campaign tactics.”

But evidence against the President poured in at tidal wave proportions.  Nixon stubbornly hung on, flailing against his usual scapegoats.


In August of 1974, a secret tape recorded conversation surfaced that was later tagged as the “Smoking Gun” tape (It turned out that Nixon had secretly recorded thousands of hours of conversations in the Oval Office, roughly 200 hours pertained to Watergate).  Recorded just a few days after the break-in, in June 1972, the “Smoking Gun”tape revealed Nixon and two of his top aides discussing how to cover up the break-in and manipulate the FBI investigations into the matter.

This revelation prompted Nixon’s own attorneys to comment: “The tape proved that the President had lied to the nation, to his closet aides, and to his own lawyers — for more than two years.”

Under the threat of impeachment in the House and the near certainty of conviction by the Senate, Nixon resigned his office on Aug. 8, 1974.

What were the effects of the Watergate Scandal?  First, the American people became more cynical about government in general.  The battles for Civil Rights, Women’s Rights and protests over the Viet Nam War had already done damage to the Federal Government’s credibility.  Watergate sealed the deal.   It could even be said that mistrust of government, a regular mantra of today’s Republican fear-mongering campaigns, began as a result of Watergate caused by a dishonest Republican administration!

Secondly, Watergate was an incredible civics lesson to the American people about the how our Constitution works and the genius of it’s authors, particularly in creating a government of separate powers with the ability check and balance one another.  Such a system has protected us from any one power center of government trying grab power or act independently.  So far the greatest threats to the separation of powers structure have come from the executive branch.  We should all fear a presidential power who claims to be above the law, routinely lies to the public, who attacks the judiciary when it decides against him, and vilifies the press.  Sound familiar?

Thirdly, Watergate demonstrated the importance of what is called the “Fourth Estate” an expression attributed to an 18th century English parliamentarian.  In the United States the expression refers to a free and independent press being a fourth power center as a check on the other three (legislative, judicial and executive).  Without the tireless and persistent efforts of the press, the Nixon administration may have gotten away with the crimes and cover-up of Watergate.

Today’s “Fourth Estate” is infinitely more complex that it was in 1972.  It is, in some ways, a victim of its own success.  The 24 hour TV (cable) news cycle began in 1980, only seven years after Nixon’s resignation.  News reporting was never the same after that.  By the late 1990’s, many Americans started getting their news from another source, the Internet.  This inundation of news and the media options through which it is broadcast, have permitted the rise of less-than-credible news sources intent on spreading false news, slander, misdirection and lies solely for the purpose of ratings, profits and partisan rabble-rousing.

Such speech is legal under our First Amendment.  It is up to the American public to carefully screen and fact check the news you receive.  If a news item seems unreal or sensational, check a different channel or publication.  If there is an intense debate among politicians, plug the topic or key words into your Internet browser and make sure you read more than one article on the subject.  Healthy skepticism makes for a better informed electorate.

It’s time for all Americans to refresh our knowledge of the Watergate Scandal and it’s impact on our Democracy.  There is good reason to suspect our current president is exhibiting traits similar to Richard Nixon — a belief he is above the law; condemnation of a dissenting judiciary; scapegoating the press and lying almost every time he steps up to a microphone — all in the first month of his administration.

There is one difference between Nixon and Predator Drumpf:  Nixon’s persona was shaped by his own deep paranoia and delusions born out of the Cold War, McCarthyism, his previous scandal as Vice President under Eisenhower (see Teapot Dome Scandal) and his election loses for President in 1960 and Governor of California in 1962.  Nixon was not a compulsive liar, just highly secretive and paranoid.  He lied about Watergate to cover his ass.

Drumpf’s lies are pathological.  Every American should be deeply concerned about the mental stability of our president.  This will be the subject of the next blog from La Resistance American.  Stay tuned and in the meantime:




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