Don The Destroyer — Because destruction is easy and leaves more time for golf!


Trump the Destroyer                                                   (Picture credit:

It’s so much easier to destroy than construct. It’s easier to rescind than create. It’s easier to repeal than replace. Criticism and ridicule is simple compared to governing or managing with efficiency, effectiveness and fairness.

Donald Trump is just the kind of lazy, vengeful fuck whose main mission as President has been to destroy shit, no matter what its merit. He doesn’t care. If it pleases him or his billionaire boys club or his base, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt or what the consequences are. And if it originated with Obama or the Democrats, it is automatically bad and needs to be destroyed.

Trump has been in office for over a year. He has built or created nothing new. Instead he has destroyed lives, beneficial government programs and protections for needy Americans. All Hail the Destroyer!


Coal Mining Pollution

He made it legal again to dump toxic coal waste in nearby steams and ponds (left).

He rescinded Obama-era regulations on oil companies that protect against another BP/Gulf of Mexico type oil spill and required oil companies to establish a fund to help clean up future spills.

Under Trump the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has eliminated the Clean Power Act which was designed to force coal and natural gas fired power plants to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions 32% by 2032 (NY Times 10/17).

Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement which was the product of years of work by people around the globe, and agreed to by 193 nations in 2015. It is unquestionably the most important climate agreement in history and we Americans are now officially outliers.

Don the Destroyer (“climate change is a Chinese hoax”), said he would negotiate a ‘much better’ deal”. He hasn’t. In fact, he hasn’t said a word about a new deal since the withdrawal. Because withdrawing is much easier than leading.


The Affordable Care Act has provided health insurance coverage to 20 million previously uninsured Americans. The percentage of uninsured Americans which hovered between 16-18% for decades has since dropped to below 10%. That’s a good policy that could have been improved upon by a willing Administration.

But Republicans ran on “Repeal and Replace”. And when it came time to replace, their plan was infinitely worse than the ACA. So Don the Destroyer could only weaken the program by reducing funding, limiting sign up periods and dropping the individual mandate.

As a result, during Trump’s first year in office, 3.2 million previously insured Americans have lost their health insurance ( Jan. ’18) — proving that repealing a working, viable healthcare system is much easier than replacing it (with “something better”).


The recession of 2008 was brought upon us by the reckless and illegal practices of a financial industry gone amok. They destroyed the wealth of tens of millions of Americans. As a result, Congress and Obama passed the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 establishing the Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPB) to provide oversight for the predatory financial industry and prevent the abuses that caused the financial meltdown.

As of Oct. ’16 the CFPB had shown the following results in its first 5 years:
        $11.7 billion: Approximate amount of relief to consumers from CFPB supervisory and enforcement work.
$27 million: Consumers who will receive relief as a result of CFPB supervisory and enforcement work.
$573 million: Money ordered to be paid in civil penalties as a result of CFPB enforcement work.
1,000,000: Complaints CFPB has handled as of September 1, 2016

Smart, sensible and necessary. Many economists said the regulations didn’t go far enough to prevent another crash. But because it was legislation from Obama and a Democratic Congress, Trump had to destroy it. His administration has cut the budget, stopped prosecutions against violators, defanged the law and put one of his own henchman (Office of Budget Director Mick Mulvaney) in as interim director to make sure the Agency remains neutered.

Middle America should rest better at night knowing that Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Citi Bank and the usurious Pay Day lenders of this country can go back to manipulating markets and fucking us any way they please just like 2008.

How short are our collective attention spans?!


No President since Richard Nixon has so egregiously interfered with the operations and policy direction at the Department of Justice.

Trump has meddled deeply into the Russia investigation and ranted furiously that his Attorney General recused himself, which he was legally mandated to do. He has fired the FBI director because of the Russia investigation and he recently pressured the Acting Director to resign (same reason).

Trump has also taken the GOP mantra of “activist judges” (judges that make decisions that Conservatives don’t like) and doubled down to attack judges and denigrate the judicial system that block his imperial decrees.

Image:Trump and his evil elf Attorney General Jeff Sessions have reversed a 20 year policy of protecting citizens from police abuse and civil rights violations. They have frozen many of the lawsuits and consent decrees left over from the Obama administration and even suggested to police that they “not be too nice” to suspects when they are being arrested. With a wink of the eye Trump has let police know that this he is willing to turn a blind eye to abuses and civil rights violations. (Picture credit:

And in another ridiculously destructive campaign, Trump and Sessions have threatened to fight the ‘budding’ legal marijuana industry, currently in 29 states. Legal marijuana is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, which has produced a rare win-win in legislative history: huge tax revenue increases and huge savings from law enforcement, judicial and incarceration costs. (See my blog  Americans Need More Marijuana for a full discussion).

But ‘liberals’ smoke pot, so Trump wants to destroy it.


The Destroyer is not just going after undocumented aliens with criminal records, he’s ordered ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to arrest any undocumented person: fathers arrested driving their children to school; successful and established business owners being arrested; and one story of ICE in a hospital waiting room to arrest an undocumented child after she was released from medical treatment. None of these people had criminal records. Most of them were law abiding tax payers who had been in the country for many years.

DACA deportations

But nothing has been as heinous and destructive as rescinding the DACA program. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program established by Obama in 2012 protected the young children of undocumented adult aliens who entered the U.S. illegally. Those children have grown up in the United States and a statistically impressive group of young people, highly educated, strong work ethic, law abiding and optimistic. These kids are American in every sense of the word. Deporting these kids to a strange country, without their families, without anything would be the cruelest act by a President since Andrew Jackson sent Native Americans on the “Trail of Tears” in 1830. Only a true Destroyer would even contemplate such a thing. Now the lives of 700,000 DACA kids hang in the balance. Cruel, barbaric and absolutely senseless.


Free Speech quote Jefferson

Trump shows his autocratic side when he persistently degrades the American free press. No President has gone to such lengths to delegitimize the media. Every story that portrays Trump negatively is pronounced “fake news” by the Destroyer. A dangerous precedent that is common practice among aspiring dictators. In a government controlled by Republicans in every branch, mainstream media may be the only independent check on the abuses of this Presidency. And those come almost daily.

It’s particularly easy for the Destroyer to claim “fake news”. He doesn’t read anything anyway!


The ethics violations of this Administration are unprecedented. Trump created more ethics controversies in his first month as President than Obama did in eight years.

Trump corrupt

Trump’s refusal to publicize his tax returns, to put unqualified, close family members in top administrative positions, his refusal to put his business assets (and Jared’s and Ivanka’s) in blind trusts, and to have key advisors who do not qualify for security clearances — are unlike the ethical standards every other modern day President. Unfortunately, our ethics rules are toothless and Trump knows it.

We will also have to beef-up enforcement of the ‘emoluments’ clause in Article 1 of the Constitution:

Emoluments Clause

The fact that the Emolument Clause has never been tested is itself a testimony to the general trustworthiness and ethical consistency of 44 past Presidents. Up until now, there has been no need to test this clause. But thanks to Don the Destroyer, there will be, and needs to be, a greater scrutiny of the law and hopefully some new legislation to clarify and fortify the Emoluments Clause.

In the future, we also may want to consider a thorough psychological exam and a CAT-scan for all presidential nominees. Oh yeah, maybe a literacy test too.

He has tarnished the very dignity of the office of the President with his incredulous support for White Supremacists in Charlotte; his false claims of felony wiretapping against the former President; his insulting attempt to comfort a war widow; his obvious fondness for thugs and dictators over our democratic allies; and his denigrations of women who have accused him of sexual predation. The list goes on endlessly. Trump is beneath the dignity of any other American President. He is a scum-bag, a scoundrel, a thug, a liar and a criminal.


Without question, his most horrific behavior is his purposeful intent to divide this nation through outright lies and false accusations – solely for the purpose of getting himself and keeping himself elected. The path to American Greatness will never pass through a divided country. But Trump neither understands nor cares. The Republicans have been using the “Divide and Conquer” strategy for 20 years (see my blog The Successful Republican Election Strategy …..Divide And Conquer!”   Part 1 — Wedge Issues.). It has brought them political success, but it has done great harm to the fabric and foundation of our great country.

Like destruction, segregating Americans into “us and them”, “red and blue”, “good and evil”, “patriots and snowflakes” is much easier than working to build a more unified, more tolerant, more compassionate society.

Trump the babyThe Destroyer’s childish, divisive, insulting, denigrating and abusive behavior and speech have made his Presidency the most adversarial and least popular in modern history. Worse now I believe than Richard Nixon’s. Trump is a cancer upon the American Presidency. He is not a builder, a uniter, a healer, a constructor, or a mediator. He is a destroyer for two simple reasons:

1) Destruction is easier than Construction. And Trump is inherently a lazy fuck. He can get in more rounds of golf by being a Destroyer. With a short tweet, he can send the whole political world into a shitstorm.

2) The ashes of destruction are fertile ground for the birth of autocratic tyrants. Just look at the rise of Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Castro, Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Ayatollah Khomeini, to name a few examples.

Trump clearly does not want “Checks and Balances” on his power. He neither knows nor cares what’s in the U.S. Constitution. The free press is an enemy to be defeated. He has no regard for American values of equality, fairness, decency or tolerance.

Don the Destroyer MUST BE STOPPED. And for the continuity of American Greatness, it needs to happen sooner rather than later. Every day he remains in the White House he destroys a little bit more of our American institutions, values and dignity.

Tuesday, November 8 must be the day of The Great Blue Wave. Every citizen hurt or sickened by the actions and policies of the Destroyer must show up at the polls. Trump is not on the ballot, but by voting OUT the obstructionist Republicans and voting IN Democrats and Independents, we can neutralize the power of the Destroyer, allow the Mueller investigation to run its course and one way or another, clear the way to remove the Destroyer from office.

In the meantime, resist, speak out, write your Congresspersons, register to vote, run for office, march, activate. Viva La Resistance American!

Vote Tues Nov 8


Nov. 8, 2016 Part One: What If Hillary Clinton Had Won Like She Should Have?


NOVEMBER 8, 2016 PART 1:

First, the good news:

— Donald Trump would not be President.

— First woman President. After electing Barack Obama, America demonstrates that it will continue to embrace diversity and greater gender equality by electing the first ever woman President.

President Hillary

— The Supreme Court has a 5–4 Liberal majority for the first time since the very early 1970’s. That, in itself, should have been reason for Democrats/Liberals to turnout in record numbers. If only.

Supreme Court Ideology (2)

— The “McConnell Gambit” would have failed. Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, blocked dozens of Obama’s judicial nominations and, most importantly, his Supreme Court nomination on the slim hope that a Republican would win the November 2016 election. If Hillary had won, McConnell’s gambit would have failed and eventually he would have had to allow at least some of Hillary’s judicial nominations.
Sen. Mitch McConnell R-KY

Mitch McConnell

— The Paris Climate Change Agreement, environmental regulations against polluters and offshore drilling protections would all still be in full effect. The official position of the Federal Government would be that Climate Change is serious business and a threat to our National Security, not a Hoax.


— Millions of law abiding undocumented immigrants would be living, working and paying taxes in this country without fear of arrest and deportation. However, with a Republican controlled Congress, no headway would be made toward a comprehensive immigration policy.

— There would be a sane and sensible Attorney General who would reinforce Justice Department decrees against police departments that had abused power and used illegal and discriminatory tactics. There would be no waste-of-time threats and intimidations against states with legal recreational marijuana programs.

Eric Holder

— America would remain a world leader thru the Paris accords, NATO, Southeast Asia and in democratic loving countries all over the world. Russia would have suffered intensive sanctions and suffered possible retaliation for its interference in our election.

— Congressional investigations into Russian meddling and conspiracy to collude with the Trump campaign would be moving forward a bit more rapidly. Clinton would have insisted on an aggressive, all-out effort to protect the security of American elections from cyberattacks and infiltrations.

— — Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea would probably not be quite as intense as they are today. There is a much higher probability that Clinton would have had capable State Department negotiators taking a much more active role to try to diffuse the situation.

— The Affordable Care Act health care system would have been improved and expanded as much as a Republican Congress would have permitted. But we would not be dealing with the losses of health care for millions of Americans.


— Taxes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans would not have been slashed at the expense of the other 98%. And the economy would have been just fine.
Now for the bad news about a Hillary Clinton Presidency:

— With a Republican controlled Congress, much of Hillary’s agenda would have been stymied. On most issues we would be suffering through a similar kind of gridlock that we had under Obama.

— Republicans would have been relentless in their ongoing pursuit of finding Hillary Clinton guilty of something, no matter how trivial. Congressional inquiries of the Clinton email controversy, the Clinton Foundation, the Uranium One deal, hell, probably Bill Clinton’s infidelities would have continued endlessly. How they would ended is anyone’s guess. Ironically, Congress today is investigating some of those red herrings anyway.

— A Clinton Presidency would have further incensed Republicans and they would have pilloried Clinton at every step. The resulting chaos would make the Democrats more susceptible to mid-term (2018) defeats, allowing Congressional Republicans more power to block the Clinton agenda and possibly even impeach her. If still President in 2020, and if she sought a second term, winning would have been very difficult. Clinton would likely have been a one-term President and Republicans may have recaptured the White House in 2020.

In sum, a Clinton victory in 2016 would not have brought about an atmosphere of change in America politics. A reason in fact why many independents and Republicans voted against her. But sometimes “change” isn’t always all it’s cracked up to be — especially if it’s change directed by a madman. I never understood why in 2016 so many Americans were eager to vote for change. After all, under Democratic leadership, America had recovered from the Great Recession of 2008; job growth had been steadily increasing, the housing market was coming back, the stock market was back above pre-Recession levels, more Americans had health care than ever before, gasoline prices were low, taxes had been raised slightly on wealthy individuals with no ill effects. America’s recovery from the Great Recession was more robust than any other economically advanced democracy. Why then was such radical Trump-style change so attractive?

The American political attention-span is dangerously short. How quickly Republicans, independents and some Democrats forgot how god-awful things were under the Dubya Bush administration. We were attacked on 9/11, started 2 failed wars, we tortured and illegally renditioned POW’s, we dismally failed to help the people of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina and the economy collapsed all in 8 short years. And for his achievements? Uhhhh………. No Child Left Behind? Good Job Brownie? I’m the Decider? And it wasn’t just Bush. He had a Republican led Congress that aided and abetted his failures.

Bush funny face

But just 8 years later, after things were starting to turn around, 61 million voters thought it was a great idea to elect a Republican majority again! This time, led not by a simple minded, ne’er-do-well who had failed at most things in life; but by a scoundrel, a charlatan, a snake-oil salesman, a narcissistic thug, a pussy — grabber, a money-launderer, a conspiracy theorist who was simultaneously mentally deranged!

America did not need this kind of change. But there may be a silver lining to all the ensuing chaos and tumult. Nov. 8 2016 was a day of great surprises and shocks but there are reasons why Democrats, Liberals, Independents and other clear-thinking Americans can have hope for our future; and may even see a day when, in the longer run, Hillary’s defeat was perhaps the best outcome.

Coming soon on this blog: “Nov. 8 2016 Part 2: Little Donnie’s Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.”

Americans Need More Marijuana


Americans Need More Marijuana

On January 1, 2018 California officially legalized recreational marijuana and became the largest state yet to do so. Previously 7 states offered legal recreational marijuana (WA, OR, NV, CO, AK, MA, ME and the District of Columbia) with a combined population of 29.5 million people. Adding California raises the number of people living in legal marijuana states to 69.25 million or approx. 21% of all Americans.
Marijuana Laws by State 2017
In addition there are 19 other states that provide a medical marijuana program for their residents. Some have more restrictive regulations than others but in total they encompass another 133 million Americans.

Thus the number of Americans living in states with at least some access to legal marijuana is now 202.25 million or 62.6% of our population. It’s safe to say that no matter what Jeff Sessions says, legal pot is here to stay.

Federal laws are woefully behind the times. Marijuana is still listed as a Schedule 1 drug, the most dangerous with the least medical benefit. Here’s what the DEA website says (

Schedule I
Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. Some examples of Schedule I drugs are:
heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), marijuana (cannabis), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (ecstasy), methaqualone, and peyote.

Heroin, LSD, Ecstasy and Peyote = Marijuana. Really?

Here’s the real kicker. The following drugs are considered Schedule 2 because, while still dangerous, they are supposedly less dangerous or addictive than Schedule 1 drugs:

Schedule II
Schedule II drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with a high potential for abuse, with use potentially leading to severe psychological or physical dependence. These drugs are also considered dangerous. Some examples of Schedule II drugs are:
Combination products with less than 15 milligrams of hydrocodone per dosage unit (Vicodin), cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, hydromorphone (Dilaudid), meperidine (Demerol), oxycodone (OxyContin), fentanyl, Dexedrine, Adderall, and Ritalin

Our government, in its infinite wisdom, is still using 1930’s/40’s mentality and ignorance to classify our drugs. And worse, since then, our country’s drug policy has been controlled by very straight white men who have no experience with these drugs, their effects and consequences.

They actually believe that marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine or OxyContin, each of which have launched hundreds of thousands of addictions. How about fentanyl — currently on top of the leaderboard for overdose deaths in the U.S.? Just a little bit will kill ya. But pot is worse?

In these early days of legality it is more appropriate for us to compare marijuana to other over-the-counter drugs like nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. Marijuana is not physically addicting like any of the above. It doesn’t cause lung cancer, mouth cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems like nicotine. It doesn’t cause cirrhosis of the liver, heart arrhythmias, high and low blood pressure, diabetes or obesity like alcohol, caffeine or sugar. No one gets violent on marijuana, no one overdoses.

Marijuana is not harmless but compared to the other drugs it is safer, gentler and just as much fun. For the uninitiated, marijuana is a mild relaxant that produces a slightly euphoric, light-headed feeling. Using marijuana before the age of 18 and heavy, long term usage is not recommended.

Legalizing marijuana is a win-win-win situation. According to the Drug Policy Alliance (2013) we spend $51 billion a year on drug arrests, judicial proceedings and incarcerations. The Bureau of Prisons (2015) estimates that just about half of all inmates in federal prisons are in for drug offenses. On a state level, drug offenders make up 16% of inmates. An even worse statistic is that over three-quarters of all drug prisoners are non-White. That says all we need to know about our national War on Drugs — it’s also a war on non-Whites and the economically disadvantaged.

Colorado, the largest state with the longest running legal marijuana program, is projected to generate $230 million dollars in tax revenue from pot sales in 2017 ( In Washington, they expect $750 million in new taxes from marijuana sales in the next two years (’18 & ’19) ( California is projecting a $1 billion in marijuana taxes in the first year (

These are huge numbers and other governors and state legislatures are taking notice. Expect to see a number of other states join the Legal Marijuana Coalition.

To summarize the cost benefits, legal marijuana means big tax revenues; a huge reduction in law enforcement, legal fees, court and incarceration costs; and adult Americans can use a mildly relaxing, naturally growing herb for their recreational and medical purposes without worrying about getting arrested. Win-win-win.

Let’s face it, Americans love their drugs. We are the top pill-popping country in the world. No one else comes close.

Marijuana Prescription Expenses by country

For many decades, Big Pharma has been the only government approved drug dealer in America. This cartel of companies spends $10’s of billions on advertising to keep us on the hook and sees revenues of almost a trillion dollars a year! (OECD Health at a Glance 2015). Here’s an abbreviated list of the side effects of one of Big Pharma’s products call Invokana, a popular prescription drug for Type 2 diabetes:

Vaginal yeast infection, yeast infection of the penis, changes in urination including urgent need to urinate, may increase risk of lower limb amputations, dehydration, ketoacidosis, kidney problems, high amounts of potassium in the blood, hypoglycemia, allergic reactions and increase risk of broken bones. (

Holy shit! That stuff should be Schedule 1 not marijuana.

That’s partially because the Marijuana market isn’t under Big Pharma’s control. At least not for the foreseeable future. Once it’s legal on the Federal level, watch out. They have lots of cash and could move into the Pot Biz very quickly. In the meantime, they consider marijuana to be a threat. They can’t control the market and they know marijuana’s medicinal value will hurt sales of their less-effective, worse side effects and more expensive prescription drugs. The Big Pharma cartel is the money behind anti-marijuana campaigns and massive donations to legislators. ( Otherwise, it would be legal in 20+ states because the public understands the issue and a majority supports legalization.

In our uptight, vitriolic world where American life is running at full throttle, what is needed is not more caffeine or sugar. In our violent and intolerant country, alcohol is just like adding fuel to the fire (pardon the pun). With so much of our population obese, out of shape and sedentary, nicotine, as delivered through cigarettes, becomes an even greater killer.

As Huey Lewis once wrote,
“I want a new drug, one that won’t make me sick
One that won’t make me crash my car
Or make me feel feet, feet, feet thick
I want a new drug, one that won’t hurt my head
One that won’t make my mouth too dry
Or make my eyes too red

One that won’t make me nervous
Wonderin’ what to do
One that makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you
When I’m alone with you

I want a new drug, one that won’t spill
One that don’t cost too much
Or come in a pill
I want a new drug, one that won’t go away
One that won’t keep me up all night
One that won’t make me sleep all day
One that won’t make me nervous
Wonderin’ what to do
One that makes me feel like I feel when I’m with you
I’m alone with you
I’m alone with you, baby

I want a new drug, one that does what it should
One that won’t make me feel too bad
One that won’t make me feel too good
I want a new drug, one with no doubt
One that won’t make me talk to much
Or make my face break out”

Except for the red eyes and making you a little sleepy (sometimes), marijuana is the New Drug. In addition to it’s mellow high, frequent onset of the giggles, and general “chill out” effect, add it’s medicinal benefits. It has been shown to reduce anxiety, aid sleeplessness and pain management, calm restless leg, help in recovery from eating disorders, phobias, opiate withdrawal, depression, alleviate unpleasant symptoms of ALS, cancer, Crohn’s disease and Parkinson’s just to name a few. (

Marijuana nugs

What other drug does all that? Certainly not alcohol, tobacco, caffeine or any other single prescription drug. And they have dangerous side effects, behavioral effects and higher probabilities of addiction and overdose. Either we re-classify all other drugs, or we drop weed from the ‘dangerous and medically useless’ list. Legality is the right and most sensible thing to do.

Finally, Marijuana is an all-American made product and we grow some of the best weed in the world! It creates jobs, increases tax revenues and it’s already a $10 billion a year industry with almost unlimited potential.

America is uptight, violent and intolerant. We are a country of pill-poppers, caffeine junkies and nicotine addicts. We could actually use more marijuana not less. Take a toke and chill America. You need it.

Marijuana legalize sticker


The Evangelical/Republican Marriage is a Sham. Jesus would be a Liberal.


Dubya Bush, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, Roy Moore — are not people that Jesus would have voted for.  More precisely, Jesus vehemently opposed rich, greedy, intolerant, disrespectful, divisive, lying, scumbags like these people.   These people would never had been found in Jesus’ company.

Jesus was a champion for the weak, the poor, the down-trodden, dispossessed, powerless and sick:

Matthew 19

Jesus would mostly likely be FOR:  Universal health care, food stamps, unemployment, social security, taxes on wealthy people, and he wouldn’t discriminate against people who were ‘different’, like Samaritans, white people and Gentiles.  These are issues today more championed by Democrats rather than Republicans.  That makes Jesus a liberal except for that pesky little abortion issue.

I know Evangelicals could send me dozens of verses that they believe condemn abortion and this is one of the main reasons they will not vote for more liberal, progressive or independent candidates.   I would argue that the Bible does not specifically prohibit abortion nor does it offer any punishment — for the simple and obvious reason that  abortion in the modern sense, didn’t exist prior to the 1960’s.   We are at a national stalemate on this issue.   The only workable solution is for Pro-Choice and Pro-Life America to agree to disagree, that is, each side recognize that there is a large ‘other’ side which cannot be shamed, argued or legislated completely away.   We need to reestablish a reasonable compromise where abortions remain safe, legal and affordable because that’s what most women want, but we apply certain restrictions and guidelines to appease the Pro-Lifers.  Take the abortion issue out of the mix and Liberalism is a Jesus-y as you can get.

Good Christians need to re-evaluate their predisposition to vote Republican.  Republicans quote scripture and throw in magic words like “Merry Christmas”, “birth control”, “abortion” and “feminism” and they hook you!  They’ve had you believing that they were on YOUR side.  Well, it’s time to snap out of it because judging from the candidates you’ve elected, y’all are starting to look pretty damn foolish.  To the rest of us, it seems like your devout, evangelical Christian values are twisted, hypocritical and phony.

It wasn’t long ago that Religious Republicans claimed to be the Moral Majority, the Family Values Voters, the Law & Order Party, the Strict Constitutionists.   It’s really hard to see those kind of values in the Republican Party today.  These slogans serve as a lot of lip service against your opponents but they are quickly ignored for your own candidates.

Just look at what the Republicans have done in the year since they took charge and ask yourself HWJV?:  How Would Jesus Vote?

–They passed laws which removed safety regulations preventing environment damage and pollution.  Why?  So corporations and the wealthiest Americans can make more MONEY.  Jesus would not approve.

— They passed laws removing regulations and safeguards for consumers (‘the masses’ to Jesus) which makes it easier for powerful financial companies and lenders to repeat their crimes of 2008: ripping-off their customers and playing fast and loose with high risk securities at the tax-payers expense.  Republicans also eliminated the consumers right to sue financial companies that fucked them over.  Jesus went berserk inside the Jerusalem Temple at the mere sight of ‘money-changers’ conducting business there.  Don’t think he would have liked these laws either.

— The leader of the their party, is a confessed sexual predator, pathological liar, racist, woman degrader, and the most divisive man to ever hold the office of President.  He has also amassed a large fortune through shady, possibly criminal real estate deals, notoriously screwed over customers and contractors alike, and lied about making donations to charity.   Jesus would be turning the other cheek (and vomiting).

— They just passed a new tax scam that is going to divert over a TRILLION dollars from the needier people in our society in favor of giving HUGE tax breaks to corporations and los ricos.  It is the most inhumane, cruel, outrageous piece of legislation in modern history.  Jesus would vote “NO”.

How then do Christian Conservatives justify voting Republican?  The hypocrisy is so ripe you can smell it in Blue States!  Let’s just go to the Good Book to see what Jesus had to say about several pertinent issues of our time:


There are hundreds of passages in the Bible that speak ill of excesses with money.  For a more complete list go to:  The main themes of these verses is as follows.

  • Jesus taught that hoarding money is evil.
  • Having riches beyond what you needed to live comfortably is wrong.
  • Jesus taught that material possessions and money were meaningless.  It is only spiritual wealth that is important.
  • He encouraged rich people to give away their possessions to those less fortunate and their souls would be cleansed of greed and avarice.
  • The monies and donations that Jesus received were used to distribute food, clothing and medical care to his followers and the needy.

Jesus was more than a liberal on financial matters.  He was pretty much a Socialist!


There are many passages in the Bible that speak ill intolerance, being too judgmental and divisive.  Here’s a sampling at the following website:   An example:

Romans 14

  • Only Republicans want to take away legal rights that over half the population or more now enjoy:  women’s rights to equal pay and access to safe, legal and affordable contraception and abortion.
  • Only Republicans have an organized strategy of voter suppression that denies poor and elderly people the right to vote.
  • Only Republicans believe it right to openly discriminate against people of the LBGTQ community.
  • Only Republicans wish to deport hard-working, law-abiding undocumented immigrants back to their home countries — even if they’ve been here for decades or it means that parents are separated from their children.

While Jesus did not have to face these specific issues, it is clear he objected to intolerant views and discriminations, particularly against weaker, needier and more vulnerable members of society.   For them, he was a champion.   A true liberal.


Here is a brief sampling of Biblical verses about humility and respect:  An example:

Proverbs 11

The main themes here are:

  • Pride and arrogance are weaknesses of character.
  • Be humble, gentle and patient.
  • Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.

Politically speaking,  ALL of us are guilty here but when it comes to arrogance, selfishness and conceit — Republicans take it to another level.  Point in fact are their attempts at eliminating health care for 30 million people and cutting taxes on the wealthy while offering the middle classes bupkus.  They know no humility or true compassion.

Liberals are far from perfect but they are, in general, infinitely more humble, gentle and compassionate.   Jesus was one of us.

And finally, what really sent Jesus into a rage was corruption.  He railed against the High Priests of Judaism who, he felt, were mere tools of the Romans, more interested in protecting their positions of power and privilege than practicing and preserving their faith.


Timothy 3

Can you honestly convince yourself that Jesus would have voted for Trump??  I don’t think so.  Or would he have supported a political party engaged in obstruction of justice in the Trump/Russia investigations?  No, he would have opposed this conduct in every way he could.

And so should the followers of Christ.  98% (more or less) of all Evangelicals are being hurt by the Republican tax scam;  98% have been left more exposed to the predations of America’s largest financial companies; all Evangelicals are being adversely effected by Republican environmental/climate policies; and a large majority are being denied of adequate health care.  On top of it all, this blindness of faith has lead Evangelicals to help elect a United States President with the lowest moral character in modern history.

Jesus would not approve.  If you insist on believing in a guy born to a virgin, who could raise the dead and walk on water;  if you really think he was crucified and returned to life 3 days later and ended up the Son of God; then the least you could do is understand and respect what the man stood for and died for.

Evangelicals, join us liberals in making the world a healthier, safer, more tolerant, caring world.  Our world leadership needs great vision at this time of global challenges.  Help us insure that we as a society give priority to the needs of the less fortunate.  By lifting up their lives everybody’s lives are lifted.  Our elected officials should reflect these priorities.  The current administration clearly does not.

We need a much higher standard for all of our elected officials.  Let’s start with no thugs, no pathological liars, no sexual predators, no racists, can we at least agree on that?  We should also expect our leaders to possess some reasonable level of compassion and empathy.  And would it be too much to ask if our leaders could complete sentences, use grammar above a fourth-grade level,  and have some basic understanding of American history and the contents of the U.S. Constitution?  Oh yeah, and show us your tax returns as soon as you enter the primaries!

That’s my wish for the Holidays and the New Year.  May you have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and the same for whatever it is that Muslims are celebrating this time of year.  For everyone else, Happy Holidays.  May 2018 be a better year for America than the last one.






Re: The Republican Tax Scam. Excerpts from my “The American Pluto-Kleptocracy” post 4/17/17


With the Republican Tax Scam progressing through Congress, I felt compelled to republish excerpts from my April ’17 blog post below.

If the Tax Scam succeeds, it is clear that a majority of Trump voters will be amongst the country’s biggest losers.  Republicans have already tried to take your health care away, now they are going to stick you with a bigger tax bill so corporations and the richest 1% can pay millions less.

If you know a Trump voter, please forward this article.  They need to try to understand the consequences of their actions.

And please Trump voters, remember this when you go to the polls, from now on.

To read the entire post go to:

Income Inequality Cartoon

America’s biggest problem is not illegal immigrants, or radical Islamic terrorists.  It’s not Planned Parenthood, it’s not guns, it’s not even religion.  These are issues that powerful special interests use to divide us and pit us against one another so they can further tilt the economic and legal playing field to their advantage.

Our biggest problem?  The political structure of the United States has become (once again) a plutocracy and most recently has devolved into a kleptocracy.

A plutocracy?  A government by the wealthy (Meriam Webster).  Ploutos is Greek for “wealth”.

A kleptocracy?  A government or state in which those in power exploit natural resources or steal; rule by a thief or thieves (  Klepto is Greek for “thief”.

Most of the significant problems that exist in American society today are at least in part attributable to the Plutocracy:  income inequality; excessive money dominating our elections; voter suppression; social inequality; criminal injustice; corporate welfare over human welfare; environmental pollution; our contribution to carbon dioxide waste and climate change; lack of a comprehensive immigration plan; the suppression of women’s reproductive freedom; a ridiculously expensive and horribly inadequate health care system; reductions in essential social services; our outrageous level of military spending; and war.

We haven’t always been a plutocracy but it has happened many times before.  It could be argued that our country started out as a plutocracy — after all only white, male landowners could vote and run for office.  During the Industrial Age of the late 1800’s , the “Robber Barons” (powerful and wealthy corporate monopolists) controlled and manipulated many essential U.S. markets and exploited cheap labor.  J.P. Morgan was so wealthy that he famously rescued the U.S. economy in the Panic of 1907 when asked by Pres. Theodore Roosevelt.

The Roaring 20’s were a time of unprecedented monetary gains for the wealthy.  They were also a time of high anti-immigrant sentiments, alcohol prohibition (that went over well!), low taxes rates (see chart below) and rampant stock speculation. It was the Great Gatsby decade — our most recent fling with a plutocracy.

And how did things end?  With the Great Depression of 1929 that brought this country to it’s knees.

The really scary part is the similarities between the ’20’s and the 00’s. (See the chart Figure 1 below. )

Middle America, wake up.  When the plutocrats start talking about cutting taxes; what they really mean is they give us a little “teaser” cut and their tax savings will be HUGE.  Significant reductions in income tax rates, creates an even bigger and wealthier plutocratic class.  The chart below (Figure 1) shows who benefited most from the 1920’s tax cuts (represented by the  column on the left).

Income Distribution 1920's70% of income growth went to the top 1%.  The bottom 90% split up 17%.

Notice too that after the Great Depression and well into the 60’s and 70’s, we were able to neutralize the plutocracy and produce income gains amongst the 90% that well out-stripped gains for the upper 1%.  Income tax rates went back up too;  in the 1950’s & 1960’s the highest income tax bracket was 80-90%.  In the 1970’s, it had dropped a little to 70%.

Then came the so-called Reagan Revolution.  The top tax rate, paid by the fattest of cats, fell from 70% in 1980 to 31% in 1992 (see chart below) after 12 years of Republicans in the White House.  The fat cats were keeping over 2 times as much income!

 It was a revolution all right, a wealth windfall for the richest and most powerful people and corporations in the country.  They called it  “Trickle down” economics.  And that’s exactly what it did, wealth gushed in for the top income earners and everyone else had to live on a “trickle“.  The Plutocrats had returned to power!

Once the economic playing field becomes tilted to the rich and powerful, it’s very hard to level it out again.  Power and money generate more laws favorable to the wealthy:  caps on interest rates are lifted; restrictions on financial institutions are dropped; corporate tax loopholes multiply; tax rates are cut; politicians are bribed with dark money; lobbyists and lawyers run amok; safety net programs are defunded;  environmental consequences are ignored in favor of profits; huge advertising and PR budgets are used to mask corporate and political crimes and lies;  CEO’s of receive huge bonuses even while crashing the economy.  Plutocrats rarely go to prison

* * * * * * * * * * *

Unfortunately the attention span of the average American voter is very short — a fact upon which Plutocrats rely.  In the 2016 Presidential elections the Republicans ran the biggest, baddest Plutocrat in recent memory.  He easily bamboozled the Republican middle class by convincing them he was a “populist” and using rough, tough language and a 4th grade vocabulary.  He distracted these voters with bullshit, knee jerk slogans such as  “Make America Great Again“, “Build The Wall”, “Ban Muslims”, “Drain The Swamp”, Fake News Media”, “Only I Can Solve It”  to cover up the fact he was a snake-oil salesman, pathological liar, provocateur, predatory scum-bag named Donald Trump.  Those voters drank his Kool-Aid.

The Trump Administration has not only brought back the bad-old-days of Plutocracy, they have, with the help of the Republican Party, devolved our political system in to an outright Kleptocracy.  The simple act of refusing to release his income taxes defines Trump as a kleptocrat.  He does not want us to know how much he makes, how much he owes and to whom, where he has his investments, nor who his partners might be.   This has already raised conflict of interest questions in regards to his ties with other kleptocracies such as Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan to name a few. He refuses to completely divest himself from his various companies and investments that are making more money now that he’s the Predator In Chief.

Instead of “Draining the Swamp”, he has brought in super-sized Alligators and Snakes in the form of the wealthiest cabinet in American history.  But wealth isn’t necessarily the worst of it.  As Brooke Harrington points out in a 1/19/17 Washington Post article titled “Yes, Trump’s Cabinet is super rich.  That’s not why we should be worried.”:

“On the whole, Trump’s picks are more renowned for enriching themselves than for giving to needy causes or serving others. For secretary of labor, we find the chief executive of a fast-food company who opposes a higher minimum wage and other labor regulations that cost him money (he has since resigned). For leader of the Department of Health and Human Services, the nominee is an orthopedic surgeon who as a member of Congress built a track record of opposing policies that cut into physicians’ profits — including programs such as Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, which limit reimbursements for medical services.”

Trump has now been in office for almost a year.  Now we can judge the man-child by his actions not just his bombast.  He’s making money off of being President: higher membership fees at Mira Lago; higher prices at Trump Tower; and countless businesses and financial entanglements that he refuses to reveal; his sons, Uday and Qusay (Bill Maher’s nicknames for them) are travelling the world, making deals with oligarchs and kleptocrats alike because the Trump brand is now worth even more — and we, the taxpayers are picking up the tab, so far $100,000’s, for their Secret Service contingent while the family enriches itself.  If this isn’t illegal it sure as hell should be.

Back on the home front,  Trump and his fellow Republican Plutocrat lovers are passing legislation to aid and abet his wealthy friends and donors:  removing environmental regulations so energy companies can pollute more and profit from it;  attempting, but failing, to pass a health care bill that would strip health care from some of the neediest 24 million people, while giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy; defunding and neutralizing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau whose one and only goal is to protect us, the consumers, from predatory lending practices, payday loans and risky investment schemes;  Defunding Planned Parenthood that offers a variety of women’s health services and tests to an estimated 4,000,000 mostly middle and lower class, women.  And coming soon a income tax overhaul that will include big tax cuts (remember the real meaning of that word when it comes from a Plutocrat).

The 90% is getting completely shut out of the big wealth transfer planned by the Republicans.  We can’t take this sitting down.  Stop making excuses for these pricks.  Don’t let them distract you with wedge issues while they pick your pockets, toxify your air and water and steal our future.

There are two ways to stop a Plutocracy/Kleptocracy:

1) In the 1920’s the Plutocracy came to a screeching halt because of the Great Depression.  After the collapse, government policies, laws and programs (like the New Deal) were created to aid the real victims and the neediest and most vulnerable in society.  Thanks to these measures, it took 50 years before the Plutocrats could gain the upper hand again.  So, one way to end the Plutocracy is total economic collapse.  This is not the preferred solution because while the Great Depression hurt rich and poor alike, middle and lower income earners always suffer more and endure economic hard times longer.

2)  The second way to end a plutocracy can be done without an economic meltdown — it requires a massive shift of voter consciousness.  The 99% of us must suspend our ideological war against one another over zero-sum wedge issues and vote as the cohesive economic block that we are.  Economic conditions that deny minorities decent wages, health care and wealth accumulation also deny white Americans from similar economic status the same opportunities.  Remove consumer protection regulations from the financial/insurance industry and it won’t be long before they are raiding and pillaging the middle class again.  Cut funding and enforcement for clean air and water and the 90% gets it the worst.  The recent Michigan water crisis happened in Flint, a prototypical middle class city, not in well-to-do Bloomfield Hills.  Deport undocumented workers and prices on many staple goods and services will go up.  That hurts the 99%, not the 1% that pass the laws.

We are the 99% and despite Citizens United, unlimited contributions, dark money to political entities and a Kleptocrat in the White House, we can absolutely overwhelm the Plutocrats with voting power.  This is exactly why the Republicans (the more pro-plutocratic party) depend upon spreading unsubstantiated fear, exploiting racial issues and using wedge issues to divide the 99% and dupe roughly half of us into voting against our own economic self-interests.  See my previous posts “The Successful Republican Election Strategy Parts 1 & 2” — 1/23/17 and 3/14/17 for a more detailed report on this phenomenon.

A prophetic quote from the movie “The Big Short” (2015):  “I have a feeling, in a few years people are going to be doing what they always do when the economy tanks. They will be blaming immigrants and poor people.”

The Republican Plutocracy

I encourage all voters earning under $250,000 to set aside their never-ending battles over social issues and in 2018 (or before if there are special or local elections) and 2020, VOTE TO END THE KLEPTOCRACY!.  Hold elected officials and candidates accountable for their positions on vital issues such as health care, reasonable environmental regulations, tax cuts and budgeting that hurts us and aids the wealthy, full disclosure of their financial entanglements and tax returns, their stance on reasonable Consumer Protection Laws, ethics laws, Citizens United and dark money in politics and the power and influence of lobbyists and foreign governments.

We have tried “Trickle Down” economics and it has been a complete failure for everyone except the super rich.   A Plutocracy is not a stable way to run our country.  Sooner or later it will produce a catastrophe of greed and avarice.  It weakens America, not make it stronger.  A Kleptocracy is even worse.  We, the 90-99%, are allowing thieves, swindlers and sociopaths to run roughshod over us, manipulating markets, bilking tax payers, destroying our environment, and selling us hot steaming shit and telling us it’s caviar.

We can stop them.  And all we have to do is vote.  Vote smart, vote your pocketbook, vote for the 90-99%.  The way America becomes stronger and ‘greater’ economically is from the middle class out — the exact opposite of “Trickle Down”.   The tax laws, economic opportunites, job growth, health care, educational decisions must be designed to help the middle class first and foremost.  Should we be successful, the fat cats won’t suffer too much.  But just remember, the Plutocrats will always be lurking, waiting and watching for us to drop our guard, become too apathetic or easily distracted.   For a better, more prosperous America, we can’t let that happen.





Pro-Life and Pro Gun??


Pro Life Pro Gun sticker (2)_LI

Yeah, I know the picture sucks.  I was driving and photo-shooting at the same time.  I had seen a similar bumper sticker before and had vowed that if I saw another, I would take the pic.  Best I could do.  In case you can’t read it, it says:

TRUMP/PENCE                    LIFE

I have long been tempted to print up a bunch of bumper stickers that simply say:


And stick them on cars like this.  I would also target the bumper sticker that says:


As is so happens, my mother is Pro-Choice you brainless twit!  Does this car owner actually believe that only Pro-Life Mothers give birth?  It really only makes sense if it continues with ….AND I’M A MORON.

But back to the sticker in the photo above.  Please, someone explain to me how you can be simultaneously Pro-Life and Pro-Gun?  Even if you only shoot deer or ducks, using a gun for anything other than target practice, generally means that something is likely to DIE.  So where does the Pro-Life shit come in?

And if you’re Pro-Life/Gun how exactly do you square your beliefs with the fact that last year, in the U.S. alone, there were over 33,000 gun deaths and another 75,000 gun injuries (CDC)?  It appears that firing a gun is actually more of a Pro-Death activity.  And because Pro-Life is specifically a cause against the so-called “murder” of “children” via abortion, what do you think the owner of this car would say about the fact that 2800 children and teens die by gun EVERY YEAR?  Or that in 2010, the American Journal of Medicine reported that of  23 high-income countries, 91% of children killed by firearms were in the U.S.?

If you’re Pro-Gun, you can only be Pro-Life in the narrowest and most hypocritical sense of the word (i.e. Pro-Life for fetuses).  Or as the comedian George Carlin famously said about Pro-Lifers, they believe:  “If you’re Pre-Born you’re Protected.  If you’re Pre-School, you’re Fucked!”

I suggest a law that if you have both a Pro-Life and Pro-Gun bumper sticker on your car, you are hereby required by law, to add my ….AND I’M A MORON sticker along side it.

Hard to believe that in the second decade of the 21st century, an entire major U.S. political party is rallying around the ignorant hypocrisy of being both Pro-Life and Pro-Gun.  Go figure.  And what’s worse, they don’t even see the irony.




The Lesson From Virginia




Virginia just showed us the way forward.  The way to destroy Trumpism and everything it’s stands for.   ENERGY, SOLID CANDIDATES AND MASSIVE TURNOUT.

When Democrats have these three ingredients we win, not everywhere or every time, but we can begin to reverse stranglehold Republicans have had in recent elections.  We create energy about EVERY election, no matter how small.  We put forward well-vetted candidates who have no fear of promoting and supporting issues that will benefit the lives of the majority of people.  And we turn out to vote in massive numbers.

More importantly, Democrats flipped at least 15 seats in the Virginia House, with 3 contests still undecided.  Republicans had held a 28 seat advantage (66-34).  If the Dems win 2 or more of the remaining races, the balance of in the legislature is even.  All this DESPITE intensive Republican gerrymandering in the state since 2000.

I completely underestimated the number of votes needed to win the Virginia Governorship.  In 2013, current Governor Terry McAuliffe won with just over 1,069,000 votes to his opponent’s 1,011,000.  That was only a 2.5% difference.  I figured if Democrats could turn out 1.1 million voters, Northam would win BIG.  Turns out that the loser, Ed Gillespie, received 1,173,000 votes!  Fortunately there was a “Blue Wave” of Democrats, 1,405,000 votes for Northam.  A 9% margin.  One of the biggest margins of victory in any Virginia governorship in modern memory.

In the Democrat’s giddiness we must remember that Gillespie received 162,000 more votes than the Republican candidate in 2013.  That’s a 16% increase!  We must not forget that Republican voters are much more disciplined and consistent in participating in off-year elections.  With the built-in advantage they already have in a majority Republican controlled states PLUS all of the phony voter suppression laws (i.e. Voter ID’s) and the illegal use of gerrymandering (redistricting) to alienate voters by race and ethnicity; Democrats must turn out in HUGE numbers if we are going to flip the Senate and to flip the House we will need another Blue Wave.


Let us celebrate for sure.  Thank you Virginia and New Jersey in particular!  But we must never again be as complacent as we were in 2016.  Never again!  Follow this blog and your regular news outlets:  STAY INFORMED, REGISTER AND VOTE.  ELECTION 2018 is exactly ONE YEAR AWAY.




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