Proud to be a part of The Women’s March — Jan 21, 2017


La Resistance American was proud to be a part of the Women’s March on Jan. 21, 2017. The overwhelming turnout, estimated nationally between 1 and 2 million people, stood in beautiful contrast to the far smaller crowds the day before at Predator Drumpf’s inauguration.  Let us hope and commit that this was Day One of a movement that will act as both a firewall to ultraconservative and discriminatory policies and motivate millions of non-voters to join us at the polls in 2018 and EVERY TWO YEARS thereafter. 

We need national leaders to set goals, agendas, policy priorities and fund raising.

We need state and local leadership to turn out voters, especially in RED STATES!

We need to nominate and elect politicians of the highest caliber: smart, charismatic, compassionate, well-vetted and well funded to support legislation to make voting accessible, easy and secure:  Early voting, Same day registration, NO Photo ID or other unnecessary voting restrictions (because there is virtually NO in-person voter fraud) and adequate numbers of voting machines in all voting precincts.

We need to overturn Citizens United and have our legislators set reasonable restrictions on campaign donations from individuals and stop money from corporations, foreign individuals and governments.  

We need to fight to make sure that Womens Reproductive Rights are fully protected and among the highest priority in American healthcare.  

We need to fight for the best healthcare in the world for every citizen in the United States. 

We must insist upon fair, reasonable and comprehensive immigration policies that include a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants currently in the country and their families.  Border security is important but building walls is unAmerican.

We must fight for equal rights, equal pay for equal work and a livable minimum wage for all Americans.

We must insist that our government utilize the best facts, science and data in their Energy, Natural Resource, Pollution and Climate Change policies.  Anything less is a delusion.

We must also insist that our government cooperate, as much as possible, with world consensus on issues like Immigration, Climate Change, Energy, Waste Disposal, Arms Manufacturing , International Justice and War.  Peaceful cooperation and financial incentives are the way forward.  War, conflict, nationalism and isolationism are the way backward into the abyss.

We must reject any political candidate, party or movement that uses unfounded fear-mongering and over-hyped wedge issues to divide us and turn us against each other.  We must encourage and reward politicians who are willing to seek reasonable compromises and mutually beneficial solutions for the most Americans possible.

We must fight to create a taxation system that is as simple as possible yet just as fair for low income earners as it is for billionaires.

The Movement has started, now it must be sustained.  Are you in?




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