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Are you sick to your stomach over the recent election results and impending inauguration?

Are you disgusted that in 2016, a man, with the backing of a major political party, ran a campaign for President of the United States that openly and notoriously focused on white supremacy, chauvinism, conspiracy theories, anti-immigration, fact and science denial, anti-media and locking up his opponent?

More to the point, are you shocked and angry he actually WON?

You should be. The party that nominated and backed him has used a “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” political strategy for the last 20 years that has succeeded in an almost complete takeover of our government!  The fact that Republicans are now in firm control of Congress and soon to be the White House and Supreme Court, means that there are very few checks and balances against the whims of our President-elect Buffoon or a right wing agenda from Congress.

Worse yet, a significant majority of Americans voted AGAINST this scum-bag. Clinton won the popular vote by 2.9 million.  She has the distinction of having beat her opponent by the most votes in American history and still lose the election.  Prior to 2000 there had only been three Presidential elections in American history in which the popular vote loser became president (1824 by 38,000 votes; 1876 by 250,000 votes; 1888 by 90,000 votes).  Now two have occurred in the last 16 years!  (2000 by 540,000 votes).  Something is dreadfully wrong with our electoral system (more on this in a later post).  Drump’s electoral win came from a razor thin majority of 130,000 votes over three swing states (OH, MI, WI).

But even that slim victory was tainted by two unprecedented events.

There is now clear evidence that Russia illegally hacked and released emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s campaign manager for the express purpose of aiding and abetting the Drumpf campaign. Never before has there been such blatant interference from a foreign government in an American election.  This is even more significant in the context of the following: Drumpf’s public admiration for Russia’s dictator, I mean, President “Vlad the Impaler” Putin; the yet uninvestigated business ties between the Kremlin and Drumpf’s previous campaign manager, Paul Manafort; and most recently the nomination of Exxon President Rex Tillerson, known to have very deep business relationships with the Russian oligarchy.  Drumpf has, of course, dismissed the evidence of this interference despite agreement by all three major intelligence agencies.  Congressional hearings are already in the works. Let us hope that partisanship won’t suppress the truth and all of the facts will come out.

Can you imagine how loud the Republicans would have howled if there had been one whiff of coziness between Hilary Clinton and the Kremlin or China?  They would be screaming bloody murder!  They would have their pitchforks sharpened, torches lit and calling for her head on a pike!.  And they have would tried to lock her up if they didn’t have a rope and a stout tree branch handy. Fucking hypocrites!  Obama said it best:  “Ronald  Reagan is rolling in his grave.”

The second event was the October surprise sprung by none other than our own FBI.

FBI director James Comey, prematurely and, in this author’s opinion, unethically, announced publicly, 12 days before the election, that additional Clinton emails had been found BEFORE a full investigation had been done on their content.  Then, four days before the election, he revealed the emails were simply duplicates of ones they had already investigated.  Comey should and could have waited for the investigation results in which case NO ANNOUNCEMENT AT ALL would have been necessary!  But the damage had already been done.  Clinton’s poll numbers took a dive from which she never recovered.

This is much more than a case of sore loser-ship.  We accept that Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate with high unfavorable ratings.  She failed, by a small margin, to excite and motivate enough Democrat voters despite improving economic conditions, low unemployment numbers and record stock prices.  But at the same time it was, and still is, almost incomprehensible to those of us who voted against Drumpf, that the Republican party could not only nominate such a sleazy,  shyster bully, but vote for this fool in large enough numbers to allow him to win!

So please Conservatives, spare us the “Drumpf won, get over it!” Or “We all need to get behind the President Elect now”.  You disrespected Obama for eight years simply because of his skin color and slightly left of center politics.  We will not “get over” or “get behind” a man who ran a hateful, ugly campaign of fear-mongering stoked by billions of dollars of dark money.  Your candidate demonstrated to the majority of American voters  that he is a temperamental sociopath who habitually denies facts and science in favor of knee-jerk, simplistic conspiracy theories.  And the majority of voters have very limited governmental checks and balances over this whiny, provocable man-child.  Damn right we’re concerned.  We should all be very concerned!

But we do have one check and balance that all of the Republican voter suppression, disenfranchisement and election trickery can’t stop.  We have the numbers.  Not only did more Americans vote for Clinton but, of the huge silent minority of voting age people who did not vote, we know that the majority of them lean Democrat:  they tend to be young, non-white, female and middle income older people.  Precisely why Republicans have worked so hard to discourage them or make it more difficult for them to vote.

We are the majority in this country.  But we have been way too complacent and passive.  Politically the Republicans have outfoxed, out hustled and been more aggressive than the Democratic Party in the last 20 years.  Shame on the Democrats for being asleep at the wheel and allowing the Republicans to successfully use redistricting, suppression, unlimited campaign bribes, fearmongering and wedge issues to distract the masses.

The Republicans control the House, the Senate by a couple of votes, and will have at least a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court.  For the remaining majority of non-Republicans, we must:

— BE VIGILANT!  Stay engaged with real news sources.  Check those sources against truth-telling, non-partisan websites like Politifact, Snopes.com, FactCheck.org, or OpenSecrets.  Read more, inform yourself.  Follow this La Resistance American blog.  When you hear about or see actions and/or policies coming from Washington or red-state governments that you feel are harmful, unjust or downright cruel — YOU MUST SPEAK OUT!  March, protest, Tweet, Post, Blog, email your representative in the Congress.  Let’s flood Washington with our dissent.  We must let them know WE ARE STILL HERE AND WE’RE WATCHING!

— STAY INVOLVED!  This is not the time to move to Canada or flee to the woods.  Now is the time to step up and double down.  Block the wall; stop detention camps; fight militarization of our borders; oppose war; demand equal access to voting; equal justice for everyone especially minorities; insist on non-partisan redistricting; reject discrimination, bullying and intimidation; defend women’s reproductive freedom; protect our environment; cherish and preserve our natural resources; and most of all, let’s try to play nice with others.



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Much more to follow………


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